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We all love Kylie Jenner, her body and are totally in love with her clean clear skin. Even she struggles with her skin issues like acne from time to time. But do you know, what makes her skin all pimples or acne free??

Once she revealed on social media her go-to blemish cream and the best part it will only cost you $17. She is totally obsessed with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and revealed that this has replaced all the acne treatment she has tried before.

Not only Kylie Jenner but Bella Hadid also a big fan of Mario Badescu products.

 Now it’s time for you guys to try some amazing goodies from Mario Badescu.

About the product

This drying lotion has two- part mixture. It has pink sediment on the bottom and clear liquid on the top and not meant to be shaken.  On the product also it has clearly written that “Do not Shake”. But you don’t worry if you accidentally give it a shake then wait for few minutes until it settles down. This stuff is so strong that you don’t need to overuse it. Only a little bit will do the trick.

And yes, you can easily get this Drying Lotion or other Mario Badescu products from Amazon.

What are its ingredients?

This product has many ingredients but the two main ingredients are salicylic acid and calamine that work to dry out the stubborn zit and quickly heal the surrounding skin.

How to use it

It is advised to only use a dab on the desired area. Because the solution settles at the bottom, use a Q-tip to get the pink paste and then dab it.

One thing to note that the pink spot will be visible until you wash it off, so this works best as an intensive overnight treatment. Clean your face with cold water in the morning and you will see the difference in one use only.

So are you going to use this Mario Badescu drying lotion for your acne treatment??


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