From acing different onscreen roles to promotional events or endorsement campaigns and flying across the world, there’s hardly any lazy moment for our Bollywood Diva- Alia Bhatt. Let’s sneak into her daily regime to find out, what’s her secret of her plump skin and how she keeps those traces in perfect shape? From her first makeup encounter to lead actress-Alia Bhatt, shares her beauty obsession with her regular beauty products to a specific regime. Let’s jump on to her replies-


What’s your skincare regime?

I think the skin is a reflection of what’s going inside one’s body. So I  make sure to drink lots of waters throughout the day to flush out the toxins and keep those skin issues at bay. I am a great fan of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser for my regular face wash.

How do you let your skin relax at night?

Frankly by doing nothing. I just take off my make-up with natural herbal wipes from Boots. And sometimes even rely on micellar water to remove my eye makeup. Apart from it, I give some time so that the skin could breathe and I personally believe, that slathering on layers of product on the skin will just confuse it.

What’s a home remedy you swear by?

If I wake up with a puffy face, just dab some ice on it to instantly soothe it and adds up the glow.

Do you go on a juice or any such cleanse?

Kind of no for me, yup sometime back I visited Viva Mayr, a detox spa resort in Austria, where their mantra is to have breakfast, lunch and a very light dinner before sunset, and keeping a gap of one or a one-and-a-half hour between each meal. I did it there and loved it so started following a similar process back home. As per their suggestion, I rely on underground foods more- like tubers. And I avoid anything in food that causes acidity and just rely on alkaline diet, which is the most natural thing to calm your body inside out. As per me these juice detoxes are just myth because it’s core methodology—gulping it all down without getting the quality and nutrients of the fruit is unhealthy, it will drain off energy and deplete many nutrients and on the other hand, you would seriously go low on dietary fibers.

What’s your hair care routine like?

I wash my hair once every two days, and if I’m at home then once every three days. I try to stay away from hair products when I’m not working to give my hair a break and pamper them with just few hair masks or protein masks. Philips hair styling products are my always carry-on equipment.

Describe your first experience with makeup.

It was by my mom when I was going out for a party, and I was probably 15 or 16. My mom is habituated to put on heavy duty thick kajal, and so she did with me. Ahh, and so I started copying the same and going to school every day with that dark kajal—it’s like that goth phase every girl goes through where people think you’re crazy and depressed and crying over some boy, and so you’re trying to cover your eyes up, but that was just me copying my mom! Now, I personally really like Maybelline Colossal Kajal because it stays on long.

Who’s your beauty icon?

Somebody who is very effortlessly beautiful and just kind of positive and happy from the inside is Hema Malini; she has aged beautifully.



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