Wonder how these Mushrooms in skincare?

The regular pizza toppings have crawled all the way from your food plate to find its place in the beauty industry. Well, the surprise is beside tasting delicious, mushrooms are really good for your skin, it works wonder about improving the texture and quality of the skin.Mushroom-derived extracts can do wonders for your skin. Be it aging issues, acne problems or spots, or maybe all at the same time. Not only this some studies and experiments by skincare brands in collaboration with leading doctors have led to the development of precious beauty products that are infused with the goodness of Mushroom. And guess, what the best part- Mushrooms can be used for all skin types. How? Scroll down to find.

Mushrooms- fungi, till now have been aligned with superfoods for its anti-cancerous effects, being rich in anti-oxidants, high nutritional value and has anti-inflammatory properties.

But the finding it’s variety and goodness the researchers have shifted their focus from taking it as food to extracting the potent chemicals from this fungi and blending them into their skincare ranges. So now you can find some great beauty products hosting Mushrooms derivatives lying on the shelves of beauty stores.

Just to take an insight, there are over 70,000 types of mushrooms on our planet, and out of that, only 250 species are christened edible. Further narrowing down to get best possible fungi for beauty industry only 4-5 strains are used in skincare ranges they are- lingzhi, shiitake, snow fungus, and maitake.

So what makes these mushrooms so special in skincare? Scroll down to find out!new-ima


Snow fungus- also popular as silver ear mushroom, is rich in a polysaccharide that hydrates and plumps the skin far better than hyaluronic acid.  So people who are allergic to hyaluronic acid can blindly rely on products containing snow fungus for better hydration.

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Most of the mushrooms have an abundance of kojic acid,  that is proven for its amazing skin lightening property. Even dermatologist trust on kojic acid for skin pigmentation as it shows better results and far safer than chemically derived skin lighteners.  Kojic Acid works by inhibiting catecholase functions of tyrosinase, that means it obstructs the production of melanin further.

There are plenty of beauty products and tropical creams having mushroom derived kojic acid that can be trusted for skin concerns.skinfood-mushroom-multi-care-bb-cream-no1radiant-skin-1000x1000 95f6d866d315ce34c2a55eff19d9fb85


Mushrooms are lauded for its anti-oxidants, however, there are specific two kinds of fungi that researchers use for skincare products- Lingzhi and cordyceps. These two are known for its anti-aging benefits and high antioxidant content. Even Chaga- a kind of mushroom is used in various face serums for its anti-aging effect. As mushrooms are rich in Vit D, B3 & B2 they are helpful in eradicating acne lesions.

serum-wbox-final meladerm-cream-300x300So what are you waiting for,  rush and grab your favorite beauty product that has mushroom as the main element within the cocktail of ingredients. 


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