How to apply the foundation the right way–

Foundation is an utterly essential step in your makeup, it prepares a basic canvas on which you can accentuate and play with colors. On a smooth canvas, it’s pretty exciting to define features with a highlighter or rule the Kardashian’s – countering techniques. As the girls are going gaga over probing latest makeup trend and ruling the Instagram, I wonder how many of us really know the best way to apply the very basic- foundation.

Worry not beauty buggers- consider these liners to excel in the art of applying foundation. It’s important to choose correct foundation according to your skin type and coverage required.

  1. Clean your face with your facewash or cleanser.
  2. Dab your Primer important to control any oil production and evens out zits and enlarged pores. Else, the sebum secretions will break down your foundation formula.
  3. Now put your foundation in dots all over your face.
  4. Now with flat top peddle brush, use downward strokes while applying on your cheeks below your eyes. This will ensure a smooth finish and hide all the open pores in the area. If you apply circular motion here the product will get into the pores or around and will accentuate them more- so the trick is to go with downward strokes.
  5. Over the outer cheeks or around the mouth use a circular motion in an outward & upward direction.
  6. The thumb rule is blend & blend.
  7. Over your forehead- apply in a circular motion taking it towards the temples.
  8. Take the foundation over your eyelids, to give awake eyes look and conceal any redness or puffiness.
  9. Take the foundation over your ears as well as bring it down to the chest through your neck to avoid any demarcation.
  10. After you are done with your foundation, go ahead with your concealer to hide any imperfections.

Hope the trick to applying foundation will prove to be savage for your next makeup session at home.





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