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Skincare regime for radiant brides

Every one wants to look perfect on their D-day, be it the  Bride or the Groom, its unbeatable secret desire of both to turn the heads of everyone around for their just gorgeous look. There are things that can be achieved within short span like dresses, make-up, grooming sessions but a perfect healthy bride radiance is not a week or overnight matter.

skincare regime for naturally radiant bridal skin

To get a perfect bridal glow with plum- healthy skin you need to work prior 3- 5 months. Moreover not only following right products or make-up will help, as one need to glow from within and that’s starts from flushing off toxins followed by healthy diet and workout. Here are few things that one can do at home by own to achieve amazing results before the wedding.  Start doing the following steps 3-4 months before your actual wedding date.


  1. We all know and has been suggested thousands of times to follow CTM (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) routine, but really does everyone follows this religiously. Anyways today we will be dealing with home made stuffs that are purely organic, no chemicals and so no harsh after effects.

Natural CTM Skincare Options 

Moong Daal scrub for would be bride

CLEANSING & SCRUBBING:- Take coarse grind moong daal put in your washroom and religiously take it while bathing on your palm mix it with raw milk or rose water, apply the paste on the face and all over. Try to give a circular massage and you can let it dry and then wash or can immediately wash off with cold water. This is an excellent natural exfoliator. For dry skin beauties it should be done 1-2 times a week and for normal to oily it could be done alternatively.

Papaya Face Mask for radiant bridal skin

FACE PACK or MASK:– Have a ripe papaya, mash it and apply the pulp directly over the skin. Let it dry and wash off, this is an excellent mask as it is loaded with AHA’ and anti oxidant, it not only helps sludge away your upper dead skin layer but also helps to lighten the complexion and add a natural glow on the face.


       ULTIMATE SKIN  JUICE- For Radiant Bridal Skin

Apple, Carrot and Beet juice on wooden table
  • Take beetroot
  • Add tomato/ Amla
  • 10 leaves of Spinach
  • A carrot
  • Half glass of water

Don’t add salt or sugar, put is in mixer and have it with pulp everyday in morning.

This beauty juice will not only suffice your daily requirement of vitamins and irons but also  helps in rejuvenating your skin from within as it is rich in anti oxidants and AHA. It will even add towards your hair and nail quality and prevents hair fall. Not only this hosts abundance of dietary fibers the juice will help to flush out all the toxins and cholesterol from your body.


VITAL LIFESTYLE CHANGES For A Naturally Radiant Bridal Skin



  • Stop having packaged food and even things prepared with maida.
  • Stop having processed sugary items.
  • And cut down on tea/ coffee.
  • Avoid alcohol and soft drinks like cola.
  • Eliminate too much oily food from your diet.

These all will lead to harmonic imbalance, sugar level fluctuations and  eventually pop up few acne, or pimples. And even lead to patches of dry and oily skin.


  • Have plenty of water, coconut water, lime water.
  • Remember our skin is 80% water so it helps the skin to remain hydrated and stimulate collagen
  • Never Never forget sunscreen while stepping out.
  • Have 8-10 hrs of peacefull sleep that too on time i.e, try to sleep before 11pm as our hormonal clock is set in a manner that our growth hormone is released between 12-2 pm in adequate amount and helps to rejenuvate and relax you – your skin, body and mind.
  • Exercise daily. Add cardio exercises which ever you like ranging from jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics aor even dancing.
  • It will increase your blood circulation and add up to your glam look.



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