Facial Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese therapy whereby thin, hair-like needles are placed into certain points within the body to stimulate targeting healing and regulate the body’s natural functions. 

The main principle is that there are 12 primary meridians or channels in the body, and stimulating acupoints on these meridians with ultra-thin needles encourages the free flow of blood and Qi (universal life energy) throughout the body to create healing and balance within the mind, body, and soul.

This cosmetic procedure was first demonstrated by Anthony Kingston, founder of White Lotus AntiAgeing. He is currently specialist skin needling advisor to BABTAC UK and his book Holistic Microneedling became an International bestseller. 

Who Is It For?

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The best candidates for facial acupuncture are people who are looking for a natural, alternative way to reduce the signs of ageing and improve their inner vitality for a more relaxed, healthy appearance to their face. It is an alternative to surgery or botox treatment and hence is for candidates who want to reduce their sign of ageing without going under the laser.

How Does it Work?

Typically, facial acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of 30 to 50 needles, with the majority of them on the face and head, and some on other parts of the body. The duration of the treatment per session lasts for about 90 minutes approximately. Upon insertion of the hair-thin needle, the needling site may feel dull aching, warm tingling sensations, or even electrical impulses that traverse up and down the body. Don’t forget to watch the demonstration video below and know the cost of procedure at the  end.


According to various researchers, the results seem promising. The results are subtle and slow. You can easily witness the reduction in fine lines and the deep wrinkles in the very first session of the facial acupuncture but it is always advisable to complete your sessions. Your acupuncturist will also guide you about the care that one should take after the completion of the treatment.

Side Effects

The major side effect of Facial acupuncture is bruising. This is one of the common side effects when we go through acupuncture otherwise it is a completely safe procedure. If one wants to avoid bruises or any other minor side effect of this treatment then that person should be healthy enough to go through that treatment.


The pricing of this treatment depends on the per sessions. Generally, it costs around $150 to $500 per session. It also depends on which studio or which spa you prefer for the treatment. It is not only safe than the facial surgery but also affordable.


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