Glittering Makeup Trend For This Festive Season

The festive season is in full swing and is flooded with beautiful bright colors all over. Be it your festive gowns, ethnic attires or makeup all are duped in festive shades. And so we rushed on to bring, all new trendy bold glittering makeup look to accentuate your ethnic chick style by  Daniel Bauer– the award-winning International makeup artist. According to him glittering shades with shimmers matched up with the naturally dewy finish is all new in the beauty industry and to be a pro, scroll down.


Rule the look with all new Lakme Illuminate Range, or you can trust Mac electric cool shades as well. Choose as per your convenience and follow these makeup steps to get naturally illumination gorgeous look that goes perfectly with your ethnic attire and theme.

  • Prepare your skin with a primer or your lightweight serum, to give a fresh dewy look.
  • Apply lightweight foundation working gently with your brush in circular and outward direction.
  • Use a shimmery highlighter over your cheekbones.
  • Enhance your eyes with your Eye Shadow pallet in silver. Begin by covering your entire eyelid with light silverish shade.
  • Adding up a different glittering shade in the inner corners of your eyes will instantly pop them up.
  • Counter the eyelid with using a darker silver-grey eyeshadow over the brow bone and a dash of black eyeshadow and mix all of it gently as you glide down.
  • Now to further intensify draw the thick defined winged eyeliner with gel black liner.
  • And wear a thick pair of lashes. Touching them up with your mascara to fill in the gaps.
  • Now your eye makeup is all over, structure your face with the peach blush using countering techniques.
  • When you are done with all, glide on your favorite shimmery touch lipstick over your lips to end up the look.

Source-Grazia magazine






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