When it comes to skin, its an inevitable truth that flawless  radiant skin literally turn heads.  We all desire for Cleopatra beauty secrets and Taylor Swift kinda’ skin but inspite of million effort we  ultimately fail on few parts, making out desire to craving. Blemishes are one of the major skin concern that are gigantic enough to eat up our sleeps and the biggest part we don’t know how and when on earth we started flaunting  them.

I know when every effort fails we subtly desire it to be a beauty trends that could be flaunted but sadly no signs in future decade. However, after consulting few of leading Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, here we are with how do you get blemishes—main causes of blemishes, effect, how to remove and home remedies along with cosmetic procedures.

What are Blemishes & How Do We Get Them

Blemishes include dark sports, discoloration or pigmentation under the superficial layer of skin.  It also occurs after pimple, acne, heavy whiteheads or blackheads. There can be varied reason in different age group and skin type. Hormonal imbalance, certain Medication, Genetics, Unhealthy Food, Post Pregnancy, Genetics, Sun Exposure, Unhygienic skin care regime, Ageing and even chemical from skin creams can cause blemishes. (remove blemishes through peeling-read it here)

Blemishes are a actually visible after a period so if you have started noticing it now, it means something was going wrong within the skin from over a period of 6 months, one year or may be two. It’s a gradual slow process and blemishes are the outcome. And so the healing process is also slow, gradual and you need to be pretty consistent—if its not laser treatment—even cosmetic treatments would require several sessions as blemishes affects several layers of skin.

DIY Remedies To Remove Blemishes


Tomato-Lemon Juice:

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent being rich on Vitamin C and tomato is skin brightener. Make a juice or paste of blended tomato paste with lemon and honey in it. Apply on face let it dry and wash off with cold water.

Almond- Milk Paste:-

Soak almonds in water overnight, now make a paste with help of raw milk and apply it over the blemished area. Let it sit and work for an hour or two. Follow it religiously and you will see improvement.

Potato Juice:-

Take a raw potato, make a paste an squeeze it with help of cotton cloth to get the potato extract. Now apply it overnight and I promise you will impressed with the results.


It’s a best remedy for blemishes or dark sports, it would be great if you have aloevera plant at home, take a strand apply the aloevera sticky extract and keep it as overnight mask. If you wish you can add lemon juice as well to accelerate the effect. You can get aloe-vera stem in any organic or food store.

Papaya – Lemon- Honey:-

This is another astonishing toss of natural ingredients to shield and fight back with stubborn blemishes. Papaya & lemon have fading effect at the same time honey enloaded with anti-oxidant is a great natural moisturizer.

Apple-Cidar Vinegar:-

The mixture is high on AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) so work effectively to fade marks. However its important to prepare the mixture in proportion – take 1 part of apple-cedar vinegar mix with 3 part of water and then apply on affected are with cotton. Wash off after 20 min.

Orange Peel:- 

This one is my personal favorite, it not only fades blemishes but even improves whole texture adds up glow and rejuvenate from within. Take peels from fresh oranges and grind them with milk or rose water, apply it all over your face and let it dry.Wash off with tap water after 25-30 minutes. You can even take orange peel powder and repeat the process. 


Never, never, never skip your sunscreen in any weather. UVA/ UVB rays are enough to ignite melanin formulation and make blemishes worse. So make sure you apply a good suncreen with broad spectrum before stepping our, I have curated a list of 5 best sunscreens recommended by dermatologists, and even have personally tried and tested. So go ahead and check the list.

Vitamin E capsule:-

Mix 1 capsule with Olive oil or Jojoba oil and apply it over night to see the difference. It has great healing power and materialize the melanin accumulation under the skin.

Kumkumadi Tailam:-

A great Ayurvedic formulation available online on Kama or Iraya store . And work amazingly to fade out those marks. You can even try Arya Vaid Shala kumkumadi tailam if you living in India and particularly south India( they are cheaper, effective and readily available).

Read review of Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Tailam   &  Aarya Vaidya Shala Kumkumadi Tailam. 

Try any of these remedies to get rid of your blemishes naturally.


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