There is a strong and direct correlation between the hormones and the beauty of a woman. Few of them really influence the attractiveness and ageing process within the lifespan of a female. After lot of research on this specific subject and attending many seminars,  I decided to publish this article that will deal with very simple ways to escape the natural ageing process, by just playing smart with your own body mechanism.

As healthy hormonal balance is the key to ditch ageing and flaunt a radiant younger skin, I am going to talk about major hormones and few simple tricks to boost your beauty hormones and be the talk of the town without any makeup. :blush: blush:.

Serotonin, Endorphins, Oxytocin, Estrogen and Melatonin are the few of the vital hormones that need to be regulated in order to maintain our beauty and well-being.

Serotonin is released when you feel important, significant, depressed, lonely or any intense feeling. Not only this chemical is responsible for controlling huge part of brain functions that ranges from controlling mood fluctuations, sleep cycle, immune system but also responsible for regulating cardio vascular and gastrointestinal system.

Endorphins aka Happy hormones are one of the stress and pain busters that makes us alleviate anxiety or depression. It directly affects the sense of happiness, life, satisfaction and well-being. stimulation and release of it adorns you with younger skin thats naturally dewy.

natural-skinOxytocin sometimes also known as Cuddle hormone is released during and after child birth and also when you are making love with your prince charming helps in creating a strong bond with your loved ones. The shine and the deep sense of satisfaction on the face of a woman just after the child birth is because of this happy hormone. Oxytocin is a natural bleach which gives glowing and attractive young skin.

Estrogen is the hormone which determines the feminine aesthetics from skin, hairs to body curves.It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and keratin which increases the plumpness and water content of the skin making it look younger and glowing.

Melatonin– It is the most vital hormone in a female body which directly controls the female reproductive hormone-Estrogen. It is a powerful anti-ageing hormone helps build collagen and elastin for smooth and glowing skin. Its anti-oxidant power helps in protecting skin from ageing and wrinkles due to sun damage.

As production and influence of hormones is a complex process I will stop my scientific talks and get on straight to few amazing ways to boost these hormones & give you younger skin without an effort:-

1. Laughter


It is one of the easiest ways to induce Endorphin in the body. It not only inculcates happiness but also works as best skin supplement. So take on your humorous side, laugh on silly jokes, attend a comedy show,  enjoy your favourite food rather would do whatever makes you laugh Stay Happy Stay Beautiful and stimulate your beauty hormones.

2. Shopping


Yeah Yeah I know one of our favourite thing to do in the world. But believe me many research have shown that shopping boosts these happy hormones within a women  and makes her much happy, relaxed and satisfied. So girls hit the high streets with one more good reason to spend and enjoy.

3. Sleep


We all know and have heard that 8 hrs of sleep is necessary for our body but do we know that when to sleep and why it’s so important. Well sleep is kind of downtime our body needs to rejuvenate itself and prepare for the next day. But most important is sleeping time. We should go to bed by 10-11 pm because it is the peak time when our body regulates and shifts from rapid eye movement to deep sleep and strengthens the sleep cycle.  Lack of sleep or less sleep  the hormone production from the brain and negatively impacts Serotonin which in turn hinders most of the   vital mechanisms of our body.

4. Mega-3 Fatty Acids


If you want to feed your Serotonin then hook on to Omega-3 rich diet induce salmon or Fish oil in your diet and if you are a vegetarian then go for Flax seed oil, one of the best source of Omega-3. Omega-3 is not only good for regulating and enhancing production of Serotonin but also good for your heart and cardio vascular system. It immune you from strokes, intense feelings, depression and even enhance collagen building for your skin in turn promotes cell growth and elasticity.

5. Exercise & Massages


Exercises not only improves your well being but also helps you eliminate toxins and stimulates glands to secrete Serotonin & Endorphin aka beauty hormones.  This helps to relive stress and channelizes positive energy.  Even a full body massage works in holistic manner to relive burden and regulates life changing  neurotransmitters.

6. Cuddle or Even a hug


Yes go ahead and give a “Jadoo ki Jhappi” to your buddy or BFF’s or your beloved partner. A  hug can really be magical. You will not even realize that a hug induces flow of oxytocin make you feel more socially attached acceptable and internally satisfied after all we all are social animals and we tend to be happy if socially recognized. So stop saying Hi or handshakes try to give a hug to your dear ones and cuddle with your partner or even your children,  as it accentuates happiness as nothing within your system.

7. Healthy Diet with Vitamin B Complex


Vitamin B is essential for most of the vital functions of your body ranging from skin to deep tissues being the source of energy.  A rich healthy diet with sources of Vitamin B can help accentuate production of Serotonin.

8. Dark Chocolates


This one is Craving!! The chocolatey way to boost your beauty. The cocoa present in the chocolate helps reduce stress hormone leading to less collagen breakdown in the skin and slowing down the ageing process. The Flavanoids present in the chocolate have anti-oxidant property helps protect skin from UV damage and increase blood flow for glowing skin. But for chocolate I mean Dark Chocolate that is rich with atleast 80% cocoa.

The basic mantra is if your body is provided with good things, it will react by releasing good hormones that in turn makes your  everything happy in turn reflected on your skin and personality.



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