L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence-Review

Hello ladies, welcome to yet another review section on Cosmotales. The summers are almost over and so I decided to reveal one of my secret product that I discovered this summer to say goodbye to old stubborn tanning.

No, not trying to build any launching suspense story, its just a beauty serum from the esteemed brand L’Oreal Paris. Oh, so you wonder! How I came to know you have been searching for a perfect serum with those 10 tabs open in your browser. Anyways so here is a little champion in the beauty industry that’s really doing well from the house of L’Oreal and it’s none other than L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence. It has been recommended by a friend and I have been using it for almost 4 months to fight that pigmentation which was left by few gits and bits over my face along with uneven tanning.

What Does The Product Claim-loreal-paris-product-description

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence claims to fight skin pigmentation and prevents further appearance with its 3 active ingredients.

ACTYL C: Effective whitening active agent help reduce dark spots.

ADENOSINE: Control melanin production,  prevent excess pigmentation.

FIBRELASTYL: It helps in maintaining elasticity of the skin.

Price of the Product-   

INR 1550 (pretty expensive).

Packaging of the Product-


The bottle comes in a cardboard box that almost normal but the surprise is within. Yes, you will just love the luxurious classy bottle that has glossy silver finish almost like a mirror; it was so reflective that I have to search this silver finish plate in my house to click its real bottle. This pretty bottle holds screw tight dropper over it, that does a decent job of taking the right amount of product and is travel-friendly.

Texture of the Product-








L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Derm White Essence is an opaquely translucent fluid that seems to be bit sticky but after application gets absorbed easily. The texture is almost like a serum and only 1-2 drop would do a decent job to cover full face.

My Experience-

It was a part of my impulsive shopping though recommended by a friend but never planned for a purchase until I happened to come across it in a beauty store. The beauty devil inside started forcing me to give it a try and poor lil’ I caught up with a burn in my pocket. However, my major concerns were tanning as I easily get tanned in spite of 50+ SPF.  I never had very high hopes for this essence cum serum but yup I really trust the brand-L’Oreal Paris and believe me the product was not a bad buy.

It did diminish my tanning and really worked for a fresh mark as well. It does even quench the need for any moisturizer on summer nights.  Coming on its effect initially I did not notice any major change but after a week I started getting compliments about my fresh much plumped up look from my friends and then I felt yes it’s working, it’s just that I did not have any major concern so I could not notice. All in all its good product if you really concerned about marks or tanned skin.

Final Verdict-

It’s a good serum to be purchased if you had issues with dark spots, blemishes or acne marks. It’s really good to go for eradicating any sun damage but if you don’t have any major skin concern I won’t recommend this just because it is pretty expensive. And for normal skin to just include serum in the skincare regime, there are so many other serums at much lower prices. So I won’t go for a repurchase.  But defiantly recommended for any concern


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