“There is no perfect or flawless skin and we can’t compare 2 skins”–  says International makeup artist Jillian Dempsey.  Every skin has its own flaws so the first and basic tip is to accept the fact and feel proud what you have.

A leading makeup artist- says it’s my job to make every skin looks just perfect and to key to it to intelligently ditch the flaws and accentuate the strong areas over the face.

Here are some awesome sneak peak ways of Jillian Dempsey, to fake a flawless dewy skin through make-up.

Aww, Gott’a  Marks, I Bet You Don’t Know This Concealer Trick

Okay, you call it by any name spots, blemishes or marks… To camouflage, any kind of spot use solid, slightly yellow based concealer like Mac Conceal & Correct Palette or use a palate from L’Oreal, Naked or Revlon just remember it must be a shade darker to your skin color and must be lightweight.

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Draw concealer hard lines under jawbone, towards temples and just below your high cheek bone. Take a concealer correctly over the nose bridge as shown in picture. Accenture the high points of your face- cheek bones, forehead, cupid bone area and chin. Now blend everything perfectly to adorn Kim Kardashian’s dewey yet so incredibly defined features. Here the link to Kim’s makeup tutorial by Nikkie. 

Expert Tips

  • Never slather layers of concealer over your eye bags as it will even accentuate that area. Instead try a lighter liquid brightening concealer Maybelline New York Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser, and draw lines into the creases below the puffy part, this will accentuate that crease creating a drama to make everything look flatter and at the same level. If your bags are still prominent use some highlighter or brightening concealer under the lower lashes to create some depth over there.

Dark UnderEye Circle & Undereye bags

We Gotta’  magic wand 😉

Under eye dark circles are quite tricky but pretty easy to fake. However, hiding puffy under eye area or bulged eyebag is bit challenging and needs special prior attention. Rely on the ice packs that are easily available in your nearby drug store.  Take it directly from your refrigerator and put them over eyes for a good 15-20 minutes. Even a normal ice cubes will work wonders, so wrap an ice cube in a soft napkin, now gently hold over your eye bag for few minutes. This will eventually after 5-6 minutes mobilize the puffiness.

To conceal blotchy under eye area or slightly pigmented under eye, all you need is a good concealer. Apply concealer drawing an inverted triangle and not in small semicircular. This will help blend everything perfectly and draws attention towards cheeks and not to undereye. 

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Expert Tips

  •  Always take a shade that’s half a shade darker to your skin tone- as anything lighter to your natural color would highlight the mark.  Treat the mark as a minor surgery, now smartly draw concealer across the edges: remember to be gentle. Now with a clean soft make-up brush blend the concealer towards the center.  After you are done just dab a cotton swab in your compact or loose powder and press it gently to fix everything in place.

We Thought You Need This Awesome-Twesome

Foundation Trick

All International Makeup artists swear by hyaluronic acid-based serum or primer, before the foundation. Yes, it’s the ultimate secret to sooth skin, protect from damage, shrink pores and give it a base. We have decoded the quest of finding best type of foundation for your skin type here !

Here’s how to uses-

After the serum, just pat a thin layer of your ultralight or HD foundation and start blending the foundation in a circular motion. However the way to apply foundation is pretty different for cheeks that just beneath your eye because that the area where most of us have enlarged pores, so to hide it use the brush vertically from the bottom of the eye to down just beside your mouth and blend the rest of product in circular motion.

Don’t Forget the Neck

Poor guy, often ignored but if not worked out smart enough to brag about your makeup to everyone else.  So never ignore, work with your foundation from below jawbone towards chest. Try to blend the concealer or any bronzer over the upper neck towards below with long brush strokes from upside down.

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Glam up the game with


Highlighter are real hero’s now-a-day in makeup regime. They can really make you stand out from crowing giving that Dewey glass makeup look. It has the charisma to reflect light from all the good high areas of your face. Respect and give extra attention while purchasing your Makeup Highlighters and applying it. 

Most important part, never skip this:– accentuate your nose bridge, cupid bone the middle section of your upper lips and apply a bit of highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes as well to add up to glam look. Touch up over the eyebrow arches as well. Follow Jillian Dempsey for awesome makeup tutorials, guides and looks. 


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