Oily Skin Concerns & Best Oily skin Moisturizers

Hello & welcome to Cosmotales! This week you will witness a series of posts on Oily skin type ranging from what oily skin beauties need & skip, Best products for oily skin ladies to skin concerns that may be profound on this skin type to the treatments available for the same.

So let’s be honest, if you are an oily skin girl chances are that you have tried almost everything in the world from alcohol toners, oil-free moisturizers to oil absorbing face masks in an attempt to balance your skin type. And to face the reality most of us eventually skip the moisturizer part as they feel it’s worsening the situation. But here’s my take, the first series of oily skin starting from moisturizers yeah I knew technically should start from good cleanser but this one has always been my favorite part so it took my heart to start early.

I am Oily Skinned, So why on Earth do I need A Moisturizer?

Yes! You are not new to question this almost every woman with this type of skin asks the same but do you know according to Derma expert Dr. Rashmi Shetty, your skin gets confused with no typical barrier over the surface and eventually starts secreting more sebum than usual to keep the upper layer moisturized. Your dermis gland feels the oil is stripping off without any protective layer over it so gets overactive to produce more. This will, in turn, result in excessive oil production and if not arrested at a time may lead to enlarged pores and clogging.

Oh! So What Kind Of Moisturizer Should I Opt?

You don’t need a typical heavy duty moisturizer rather opt for hydration creams. So look for water-based moisturizer, a gel-based constituency that has pore refining effects or goes for the light water-based emulsion. An oil based product is a strict no-no. Moreover, oily skin most of the time be combined with sensitive skin so look for a product that does not show harsh pore clogging ingredients in it.

If alcohol is there in the product is will certainly dehydrate the skin resulting in making your glands secret more, agents like parabens, silicon and oils will clog pore leading to bumps or acne. So be concerned while choosing your best take. Say no to moisturizers with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil or even natural oil as they are comedogenic and so their molecules are large enough to clog your pores.

Any Recommendations?

Yes! Depending on ranges here are few really great moisturizers that do fairly well with oily to sensitive skin and most readily available in market and online.











































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