The world is about getting prettier & prettier every day. But here comes the story of Gen Next, victims of pollution, mutated processed food, loads of chemical and gearing tension. Look into the mirror, and cry out loud as you see a popping age spot, pain in the heart if it gets high and turns into an acne spot; further worse if it turns out to be a blemish mark. We look around to grab every possible thing that bets to reverse the effect, this brings an opportunity for wealthy beauty conglomerates.

Millions of serums, moisturizers, night creams-wight creams and blah blah… all claiming same and same… where to go and what to buy, wonder in my mind when I stuck in a line. Heard of few ingredients that work best if cock tailed around, but which are they and what brands I shall buy. So we have knocked the doors of few Skincare guru’s and here are the best recommendation of products & ingredients to be used to fade age spots. Let’s quickly jump on to details-

In 20’s & 30’s

According to a leading Dermatologist – Dr. Jeannete Graf, include a facial serum into your regime. The serum must have soy, licorice or Vitamin C as an ingredient, to fight excess pigments that have already build up under your skin and waiting to ride over to the surface. She recommends trying Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream, bottling unfermented soy-  most effective form of the ingredient. (Watch the preview video here)

Stubborn Discoloration-

To treat discolorations, always rely on antioxidants like ellagic acid, a kojic acid that shows proven results in fading spots and lightens skin tone. You can trust hydroquinone if recommended as it’s fighting with a lot of safety issues against it. If recommended it should be used in really small quantity. Go ahead and shop those creams, serum, and lotion that has these anti-oxidants that really works on to fade age spots over the skin, couple it together with a healthy skin care routine.

No Retinol Till Now

Ouch, this is the high time to include a retinol based product to sooth those fine lines, building up crow feet or any dark spot. Yes, it works astonishingly in all dimension and so it’s the best take by any dermatologist. According to your age go ahead with a small quantity, try  RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Night Cream, it’s kind of budget-friendly and star performer at the same time. However, remember to use retinol based products at night time because while it really works to fade age spots, it goes ahead to make your skin sun sensitive – extra precaution required ladies!.


No one these days have been hitting out without sunscreens but then I wanted to put it if someone is still out there missing this vital routine. Researchers say the Sun’s UV rays, Infrared and even visible light triggers formation of pigments (a self-defense mechanism of your skin), and so slathering a sunscreen on top is of utmost important to provide a safe barrier and prevent any age spot formation and even help your specific product work well to fade age spots..



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