Foundation- as per the name goes provides the basic base for any makeup. And believe it best foundation should match your skin type and tone, so as to provide a brilliant canvas for your further makeup. It becomes extremely important if you are a regular makeup wearer, however that doesn’t mean the occasional beauty bees are spared.  Curating all at one stop we are going to break down all the science before picking up the right foundation. Scroll down to explore.

Oily Skin

No one wants to go cakey with their heavy duty foundation. As the oily skin is already moisturized and supply what we really need before the foundation is a primer. As per makeup expert Pallavi Symon, oily skin is really prone to acne, enlarged pores, and patchiness, and so a primer becomes extremely important to control oiliness and even out the surface for your foundation.  While picking up the foundation for oily skin always look for words like oil-controlling, shine-free, oil-free and matte finish on the bottle for a flawless skin. Narrowing down on texture go for light gel based, water-based mousse foundation.

Recommendations- Chambor Sheer Delight Ultra Light Foundation, Clinique stay matte foundation, Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, Maybelline Satin finish foundation, NYX stay matte foundation.

Dry Skin

Do you have stretchy skin with a feeling of dehydrated dry skin even after applying your foundation? Do you end up wearing a foundation that settles within your lines, accentuates your lines or leaves it patchy and looks cakey … alert ..alert… you wearing a wrong foundation. Let’s deal with the right way of battling the mystery of makeup, you need to start with applying your moisturizer wait till it seeps deep within your skin, follow up with primer and then apply your foundation.

While choosing a foundation for dry skin look for words like- moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating on the packaging. Apart from that do a bit of work and read on the ingredients list to find out items like- Shea butter, essential oil, and vitamin E oil. Looking for foundations that have creamy, liquid, light reflective or lightweight texture.

Recommendations- MAC mineralizes moisture foundation, L’Oreal 24H Infallible Foundation, Revlon Colorstay foundation for dry skin, Lotus Herbals Pure Stay Nourishing Foundation.

Combination Skin

Majority of population is battling with this baffling skin type and to be a makeup pro for this skin type can be quite challenging. Combination skin generally tends to be drier on cheek areas and oily over the T-zone, however, reversely is quite evident. You have to work vividly and for hunting best foundations for combination skin, look for ones that are hydrating and matte too to match up your confusing skin type. You can even wear liquid or creamy lightweight foundation across your face and mattify your oily area with loose powder or compact.

Recommendations- Revlon Photo ready foundation, MAC studio fix fluid foundation, Clinique perfectly real foundation.


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