Sebamed Clear Face Cleansing Foam- Review

Just to start with I would love to tell you about my skin I have an overactive oily skin but that doesn’t mean I am the ghost of pimples but yeah I do get acne bumps every month here and there. But they even go off pretty well by the time one would diminish the other starts popping up so this was my hear breaking story, which leads me to knock doors of many dermatologists.

Nobody knows how many doctors I might have visited, but finally one fine day I met a derma doc in Kormanagala – Bangalore and advised me to include Sebamed Cleansing Foam in my regular skincare regime and tada that’s how I discover this white chunky bottle.

After 8 months of trying this product now, I feel it’s the right time to review this- SebaMed Cleansing Foam Clear Face Cleanser.


INR 650 around.


The product comes in a white carton box that hosts this bulky big bottle of this cleanser.The bottle has to pump dispenser that pretty good to dispense the right amount of product.














Combats Pimple, blackheads & impurities. Gently deep cleanse the pores, counteracts the formation of new pimples, has panthenol that soothes and regenerates skin, it claims to improve complexion, Soap & Alkali-free.


As the product name suggests it’s a foam cleanser, once you press you to get the product in foam form. It milky white and seems really soothing. Smell is kind of different cant to explain but soothing and does not linger. Once applied over the face it sink deep within the skin with no color cast.
















I used the cleanser during summers as this was the time of year when your skin tends to be oily and experience few acne/ pimple issue may be with outside heat, pollution, and of-course food habits. I don’t mean to generalize but really this happened in my case, regular junk food and summers(kind of tad to my skin), started giving me surprises of acne from last 2-3 months. Then wait for few weeks to let your pimple subside, however in a hurry to remove these bumps I applied my regular toothpaste one night and the problem worsened. It became more stubborn type thick-skinned and kind of more visible. Hate It! Hate It- the habit of applying anything which claims to work like magic on skin. Then after consulting a dermatologist I finally end up my search on Sebamed  Cleansing Foam, and really it’s a blessing to acne prone skin. On application it seems you have applied water dries out instantly but as the product says to wait for 3 minutes before washing I religiously followed. When I washed the skin was really moisturized supple and glowing after one wash. I started using the cleanser every morning and evening it did work on regulating oil and work on acne & pimple. You don’t need to over wash it does its job in the really right way if applied twice a day. Now it’s in my regular skin care regime but I don’t use it as a face wash, but definitely rush to it if I see a bump that’s about to pop and it subsides before even appearing.


As per my experience, it’s  a must cleanser for oily skin as it really works wonders for regulating your oil production and cleans any clogged pores.  Sebamed Cleansing Foam works effectively to eradicate a pimple and deep cleanse your skin to prevent the formation of pimples in future. No false claims no big marketing but works in the best way.


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