5 SkinCare Products Never To Be Used Together

Skincare regime with host of different beauty product is kinda complex affair, and unless you have an A-class Chemistry degree, its really tough task to understand which combo works good and which all can have adverse effect.

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Sometimes without proper information these cocktails of ingredients mixed among each other may really be dangerous for your skin says Dr David A. Colbert. So check on your serums read ingredients of your moisturizers or essence look for what’s the chemical composition of your product. Wonder why? May you have been piling on two products having any two tad ingredients from the following list.

So here are the skincare products that should never be used together:-

Retinol’s  + Exfoliating Product (including acne treatments) In Skincare:-

source- elle magazine

Retin-A are pretty hit among the dermatologist as well as anti-aging aspirants, because of it’s phenomenal ability to renew skin, treat discolorations and  wrinkles making skin much more smooth. Retinol products like retinol serums, have a property of drying our skin, causing invisible peel.  And even the acne treatment product cause skin to peel and even dries out.  So products having any of the Retinol derivatives should never be used together with acne treatment. [read – best Retinol cream for your skin].

Ratinol based products makes skin super sensitive and hence using a coarse harsh exfoliator could even cause further damage, as your skin is shedding the top layer and the exposed one is completely new so it need to time to adapt and sustain. So rather than exfoliation opt for normal cleansing with mild cleansers.-shop here.

Vitamin C + AHA’s/BHA’S or Benzoyl Peroxide:-

image source-bellebellebeauty.com

Have you been using a serum promising to bottle Vitamin C as a major ingredient or your moisturizer has Vitamin C (or Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C in any of its derivative form), then check for your cleanser or face wash does by any chance the bottle says AHA/ BHA or Benzyl  Peroxide as an ingredient “alert” stop using both together in your skin care regime.  Why? Because AHA and others alters the pH level of Vit C causes it to oxidize and hence making it ineffective. shop here.

Salicylic Acid + Glycolic Acid In Skincare:-

image source- heartbowsmakeup.com

Well there are acids right then what’s the issue.  All acids are not same, their pH differs and same does their effect on skin. So salicylic acid is basically present in acne treatment ranges because of it deep pore exfoliating properties and peeling nature. However glycolic acid is a milder mostly naturally derived acid which works as a exfoliator and works best for removing dead skin. Both are great ingredient but when combined together on skin from different product may lead to serious dryness.So try using one at a time.

UltraSonic Brushes + Exfoliators:-

So if you own a Clara-sonic Mia or any other sonic facial cleansing brushes by L’Oreal, Proactive or any other then give away your habit of exfoliation. shop here. Yes! These brushes are gentle and they do cleanse your skin deep within and so traditional exfoliation is a  big no no, else it will strip off the natural oil from your skin.



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