Are you relatively new to the term- Facial peel or Skin peel?  Okay, le’ me be a bit more elaborate, are you among those who step back after hearing  “peels”? No wonder, lately there are few who have  a horrifying impression- that they would start peeling like zombies after a peel session. And the icing on the cake– the biggest misconception that still prevalent is – your skin get burned or has irreversible scar.

This article is gonna be an icebreaker to burst off all the myths and brings to you truth and potential benefits, that you want to know about peels in the beauty and skincare world.

What are Facial Peels?

It is a one of the favorites and safest weapon into the cosmetic industry, that you can trust to waive off a plethora of skin problems.  It can be described as a simple procedure to rejuvenate skin and treat skin conditions such as fine line, acne marks, scars, hydration issue, sun damaged, wrinkles, pimple zitty spots or enlarged pore etc. it can help you with all. Basically a cosmetic treatment to stimulate controlled exfoliation giving a all new skin that’s much brighter, smoother and younger. It’s perfectly safe if done under supervision.Feel like trying a one? But still scared… scroll down to know it all.

What are the peel made of and how does it work?

Skin peels removes the top layer of your skin to remove the dead layer and speed up your cell renewal, providing an ultra new radiant skin that free from any skin problem. However, there are peels that work even more deeper depending on the skin issue and can remove more layer then just the superficial one. All facial peels  involves either the use of naturally derived or chemical solution to expedite the cell turnover shedding off the layer.

Types Of Skin Peels

Depending upon performance and nature there are basically three categories of peels- Lighter Peels , Medium Peels and Deeper Peels. Though few people name it as Natural Peels and Chemical Peels. Depending upon the result you want and skin concern or recommendation you may choose to go for various session with a month of interval or just try once.

Lighter Peels also known as Superficial Peels

As the name suggests, superficial peels works for the exfoliation of just the upper layers of skin. Often uses AHA’s & BHA’s( Alpha-hydroxy-acids & Beta-hydroxy-acid), or mild naturally derived acids like Glycolic acid or Salicylic acid. Generally concentrated solutions are made out of fruit enzymes, sugarcane, pumpkins etc. making it harmless.   Lighter peels generally has no downtime and can be performed on anyone.  They helps stimulate collagen,  arrest skin conditions like recent acne marks, oily skin issues and enhance your natural beauty.

They are quite common and even available on drugstores, but it is advisable to seek a dermatologist.

TCA or Medium Peels

Tricloroacetic acid peels, are medium depth peels that penetrate deeper then lighter peels, and uses deeper peeling agents such as phenol’s. These are mostly synthetically derived and practiced or advised for skin concerns such as wrinkles, pigmentation, medium depth scars and sun damage. It is quite uncomfortable but then it worth it. You should expect a burning sensation at your derma clinic after application which will vanish after they apply soothing agent. Here, you will actually peel after 3-4 days and will peel over a week or may be 3 days. You would be advised not to contact water to the treated place.

It’s not at all painful but advised to follow the tropical creams recommended by a doctor and you will love the results. As you have shed few layers of your skin you can now really flaunt a brand new skin that flawless.

CAP or Deeper Peels

Carbolic acid peels are strongest chemical peels and requires a significant amount of downtime. It will work best for deep scars, deep lines, intense wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, deep scars etc. It may make your skin to peel for over a week or two and then about 5-6 weeks for heeling. You should follow your doctors advise.  And rest be assured there wont be any burning or scaring if you going to qualified derma practitioner or certified skin clinic. And the results are dramatic that may last from 2-3 years.

What are aftercare post a skin peel treatment?

It is advisable to use an enriching moisturizer to promote healing. You should prevent from direct sun exposure for atleast a week or two, always wear a broad spectrum sunscreen to save from pigmentation. As your skin is pretty new it will take a few days to adapt to the environment so needs extra care, don’t exfoliate for atleast a month. And you can restart your recommended vitamin or retinoid creams after the exfoliation has completely over.







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