Ultimate  DIY Hair Mask For Damaged Hair

Igniting automobiles, harmful sun rays and gigantic ongoing development complementing various other sources have made stepping out without a protection almost impossible. Air pollution has no limits when it comes to metro’s or smart cities, however, the countryside is not even spared. And our Hair is the one majorly exposed to various kinds of assaults ranging from pollutants, chemical treatments, and other physical assault that cause immense damage to hair.  In such a scenario, Hair mask has developed as an essentiality of the day now, and I am going to give you best DIY hair mask for damaged hair,  that will save the life of your strands and super easy to do.


Do you know, even combing your wet hair can cause damage to them, as they are more susceptible to breakage or pull out from follicles.Moreover, we dare ahead to try all new trends with our hands on straightening, curling,  coloring and blow drying. But when it comes to protection we lay steps behind and just rely on normal oiling followed by detergent-based shampoo’s for a hair wash. So let’s do something really good to hair, pamper them to maintaining their health, love them for all what they have gone through. Try this hair mask for dry damaged hair that’s really awesome, will make your strands strong, smooth, provides lustrous shine, makes it dandruff free and covers each strand with a protective layer.

What all you need?

  • Organic Henna powder
  • Aloe vera stem
  • Hibiscus flower & leaves- Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Neem leaves-Azadirachta indica
  • Tulsi leaves- Ocimum tenuiflorum
  • Tea water (boil tea with water and strain)
  • Coffee (optional, if you want a burgundy touch on your hair)
  • A mixer or blender

How To Make-

  • Put aloe vera, tulsi, neem, hibiscus flower and leaves in blender blend it to a smooth paste with help of minimal water.
  • Boil Tea in water and strain keep it for some time till it comes at normal temperature.
  • Take a big bowl put henna powder and make a paste with the help of tea water once it starts mixing put all the paste from blender and batter it vigorously with a spoon.
  • There should no lumps left and all paste smoothly mixed should be kept for good 3-4 hrs (more the better).
  • Now you can mix half spoon of coffee powder if you love burgundy color on hair else just keep the paste so that all the ingredients could mix and infuse into each other.
  • Thereafter start applying with a help of coloring brush from roots to tip of strands.
  • Keep the paste on hair for good 2-3 hrs and then wash.
  • Remember not to wash it with shampoo, just wash with water and after drying, give a deep oil massage and let it soak overnight, this will set all effect of henna on hair.
  • Now next morning you can go for shampoo, striping of the applied oil only. If you would shampoo without oiling it will strip off all the effect of ingredients which you have applied, so never was before.


Try & share your experience of this super easy DIY Hair Mask.

XOXO !! love flaunt share.


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