Have you heard that your eyes say a lot about your soul, great but give me the opportunity to introduce you to a new fact- your natural lip color is a mirror of your health. Yes, they say almost everything about what’s going inside your body, internal organ health, and the temperature.

I am sure all of us would have some way or the other noticed the changes in their natural lip color and texture. Our body is a magnificent system and if any minor problem occurs, it warns us through different tools that our eyes, lips, and skin. It’s just that we should practice and learn to read and understand these changes which our body wants to convey.


Get an alert either your blood level has dropped or hemoglobin level has depleted. There are chances that you are accelerating towards anemia, head soon for a blood test. Hook on to iron-rich food ranging from red meat, beans, dates to leafy spinach.

There are chances that it is complemented with cold hands or feet’s then your system wants to communicate about the drop of inner body temperature. It is a warning that your digestive system has slowed down and it needs energy, make sure you rely on heavy energy-rich foods- cereals, pumpkins, meat, and beans.


Red looks pretty on lips isn’t  love it but sad news it can be a sign that your liver and spleen are in trouble. It may come along with bad breath and craving, this is an indication that your body is too much heated inside.

You need to immediately start with cleansing your system includes chrysanthemum tea, dandelion tea, and even cold food. Even having celery and honey would be beneficial. Try to emit the extra accumulated energy through indulging in stress-free activities, games or moderate exercises.


This could be an indication of a problem with your lungs or heart. There are chances that your body is finding difficulty with oxygen absorption or assimilation. You need to consult a doctor if this persists over 2 weeks.


There are people with darker lip shade but you need to notice the change in the natural lip color if it has gone further darker then it’s a concern. Dark maroon or black lips say about your digestive system, it shows overburdening of your digestive system you need to be lighter with your food. Go on for easily digestible light food best would be to trust juices along with lemonades.


Say strict Naah!! to processed, oily food or sugary carbonated drinks. Fortify your daily intake of fiber-rich vegetables, oats, and fruits. Include starch of cooked rice with minimal salt.  Natural pink is the normal lip color any deviations pay attention or visit a doctor if the symptom persists for a longer time. As I said earlier our Lips, Face, Tongue, and eyes are mirrors of what’s going on our body track the changes and you are good to be healthy.


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