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Unsung stories of True Hero's in India. We bring you the happy, motivational cover story on the people of India- who are incredible source of inspiration in their own way. Sometimes they have scarified their high flying life for the betterment of society, sometime due to their own past experiences. But whatever their reason might be,  their work need to be propagated so that we can have more Unsung Hero's - who will bring positive changes in India's future. To portray a picture of  shining India, every Indian must contribute few hours in a week as a paybak to enviornment, society and people - and here is your motivation to do so. So get Inspired & Happy Browsing!

Marvia Malik Makes History As Pakistan’s First Transgender Newsreader

Marvia Malik shatters all prejudices to become first transgender news reporter in Pakistan. She anchored her first show on Pakistan’s “Kohinoor” TV channel on...

These 5 Female Comedians Are Shattering Prejudices In Most Empirical Way

Normally when you think of women, you do not relate them to comedy. Female comedian itself sounds like a contradiction of sorts to many...

9 Most Disciplined, Strictest & Toughest Armies Of The World

Army, a single word is enough to paint a mental image of strict discipline, uniform, and unfaltering love for the country. The men and...

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