About Us

COSMOTALES is an online media publishing blog that delivers happy news & entertainment to millions of people around the world.

We proudly publish curated content under our Lifestyle sections and Inspirational Cover News. We share buzzing updates,  Fashion & Beauty feeds, trending videos to entertain each section of society. It is an Indian blogging community, wherein men & women of all ages and interest will find something exciting & useful for them within diverse Lifestyle segment. Its one-stop media destination for all.

Shatakshee Kashyap

COSMOTALES is an Indian Lifestyle webzine run by Shatakshee Kashyap to bring out her blogging addiction. She loves brewing news, kinda addicted to social media and holds an MBA degree that landed her to the job of Brand Management in a leading firm.

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Why Cosmotales?

” The center place of media is full of negativism, criticism and fake news, in a quest for viral stories visual media networks are even torching up rumors. How many times it happens that you sit in front of the TV for news and see something incredible happening in India or Abroad.  I wanted to mix the versions of Great, Happy stories, Incredible Journeys with the lighter toned lifestyle content that will benefit my reader in some or other way and so I started COSMOTALES“. 




Started as a personal blog it has emerged as a leading Lifestyle Webzine, definitely with the collaboration & support of our Editors, Bloggers and freelance writers. 

So what are you waiting for? Just grab a cup of coffee and keep browsing your interest.

We bet you will be hooked!