Here’s a fact that may seem like a weird news: It’s not easy being a designer. It not only takes a lot of practice and creative genius but it also requires quick thinking. Imagine if a weird news breaks out and is shooting for virality and you are a designer who has to create something for it, you have to think on your toes. Not just spontaneously, but sometimes also you need to give your designs ample thought. And this is not restricted to just designing images, designing, in general, is a challenging task. 

Here are some weird designs triggered by weird news that will make you laugh… or make you cry, depending on what you feel about it. Go ahead and have a good look.

1. Directionless Duo

Source: Reddit

Does this designer know which direction points where? We suppose not.

2. Forever Companions

Source: Facebook

We all know that one couple that cannot get enough of each other. Their motto will be: A couple that poops together, stays together.

3. Missing Pieces

Source: Reddit

Agreed that Britain exit from the European Union, but entire Europe exiting this globe is a bit too extreme, innit?

4. Two of a Kind

Source: Reddit

You really cannot afford to make a mistake when it comes to taking a dose out of these bottles!

5. Big Brother is watching you

Source: Reddit

Seriously, what happened to the good old privacy even in the bathrooms? Nobody wants to play peek-a-boo.

6. Does my face look fat?

Source: Imgur

We don’t know, but your eyes are looking in so many directions that it is crazy!

7. The unintended Tumour

Source: Reddit

Let’s face it, it’s not easy being a girl. The weird news is, either the clothes will not fit you, or they will add a new ‘dimension.’

8. Black & White

Source: Reddit

A pre-colored scene is perfect for a lazy day. But if you look closely to the right, you can see that we at least tried!

9. Data dysfunction

Source: Reddit

Agreed, making a chart is not easy. But seriously? You had ONE job.

10. Blast from History

Source: Reddit

I don’t know if you know about the KKK but you really should compare the image on the right to their uniform.

11. Safety First!

Source: Reddit

What do you mean we have to create a fence or a boundary wall? Doesn’t it come free with the gate?

12. Tea in heat

Source: Reddit

If your tea infuser leaves a bloody mess, you should use a tea bag instead.

13. Flip-Flop flop

Source: Imgur

These instructions are so unclear!

14. Glorious Gates

Source: Reddit

Clearly, the stickmen get preference on this bridge.

15. Hold my face…

Source: Reddit

… because it feels like it is melting away!

16. Listless Lifts

Source: Imgur

Did people manage to get on their floor or are they still trapped in here?

17. Looking Sharp at School

Source: Reddit

Seriously, unless you go to a Hospitality school, this makes no sense!

18. No Safety; Smoking First

Source: BoredPanda

Because trying to stay alive in 2018 is too mainstream!

19. Nightmares are made of this


Winnie the Pooh’s surgery definitely didn’t go as planned.

20. What?

Source: DeMilked

First of all, where are the stick figure’s arms? Also, why is he walking bent over? What have the people done here so that such a warning sign needs to be here?!?


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