India is a place that is known for its cultures, societies, dialects, expressions, art, and music. Additionally, Incredible India has some unfathomable unexplained riddles that stay unsolved, independent of the advancement of science and innovation. With that note, we are living in a country which has many secrets and Mysterious Places unexplored in India. 

India is a place where there are legendary secrets. There are a sure number of spots in India that have surprising secret associated with it. Indeed, even science would never such happenings on earth. Its ground is rich with various legends and old stories.

 To take your adrenaline hurry to another level, here is a rundown of puzzling sanctuaries in India. Every last one of them has their own astonishing story to describe. Read along to get some answers concerning the puzzles of these baffling sanctuaries! So, let’s start our journey to find the top 6  mysterious places in India which shake you…

The 500-year old Mummy of Lama Tenzin

source-Amazing India Blog

Sangha Tenzin was a Buddhist Monk, who received a procedure of regular preservation to rescue his town from scorpions scourge. His spirit relinquished the human body over 500 years back and what is left is an embalmed body. Sangha Tenzin’s preserved body was found in the year 1975. Till now it has remained one of the scariest mystery in India.

The preserved assortment of Sangha Tenzin is said to be in plain view in Gue town in the harsh elements and remote Spiti area in a sanctuary two miles from where he had been found, in Himachal Pradesh locale on the fringe of Tibet around 6000 meters above ocean level. It appears to be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to achieve the town since it is controlled by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police and isolates in the Himalayas.

The skeleton Lake Of India


The next comes to the lake Roopkund which is another mysterious places in india which was remained unsolved and gave goosebumps to people, it is situated in northern India along the outskirt of Nepal at 4,800 meters (~16,000 ft) above ocean level with edges shrouded in the snow for the majority of the year. The water is somewhat shallow, just achieving the greatest profundity of 2 meters, and solidified the vast majority of the year.

In light of the extensive number of human skeletons resting at the base of the lake, it wound up plainly prevalent by the name Skeleton Lake.

Blood Rains Of Kerala

India is a center point of mysteries. Its ground is rich with various legends and fables. Between those unsolved mysteries and secrets, there comes one more unheard story of blood rains of Kerala.

Beginning July 25, 2001, Kerala encountered a bizarre wonder. It was rainstorm and it sprinkled. While that falls practically into the normal cycle as we probably are aware, however, what was truly surprising was that this time, the shade of the rain was red. This red rain proceeded till September 23, 2001.The incident actually become mysterious as no reseach or scintefic theories seems to resolve the circumstances or the blood rains of Kerela, and so it compailed us to put it in our article of 6 mysterious places in india. 

Balancing Rock Of Mahabalipuram

Image Source: mindwink

At Mahabalipuram, the 20 feet high and 5-meter wide shake evaluated to weigh more than 250 tons appears to pull off an exercise in careful control like no other. Referred to locally as Krishna’s Butter Ball isn’t a stone that stands on a greatly little and dangerous territory of a slope. It’s hard not to think about how such a major structure is stationary at a place where it’s difficult to be so. Also, it’s been there for more than 1200 years. Truly, you heard that privilege 1200 years, apparently opposing the laws of material science. Its unique Tamil name is “Vaanirai Kal” which truly means “Stone of The Sky God”.

Jodhpur Boom

Image Source: Telengana Today

On the morning of December 18, 2012, unequivocally at 11:25 AM, individuals of Jodhpur, India were startled by a stunning sound that showed up all of a sudden in the sky. The sound took over the sound caused by a stream plane intersection the speed of sound. This marvel is known as sonic boom yet the issue with Jodhpur Boom was that the sound was much more significant and stunning. The incident  and its repeat made it to grab a place in mysterious places in india.

Kudhara- The Ghost Village Of Jaisalmer

Image source- HelloTravel

Are you aware of the fact that Kuldhara is considered as one of the most haunted villages in India? Kuldhara is another mysterious places in India which has many secrets. 

Kuldhara is a friendless place with a left look that conveys lament to one’s mind when one considers the destined destiny of several villagers who were constrained to leave their genealogical land.


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