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Haruhiko Kawaguchi’s claustrophobic images aim to convey deepest feelings of Love among Partners.

He has been vacuum packing couples within plastic bags to exhibit intense feeling of love.

Its pretty obvious to have goosebumps with re-imagining precious time spent together, seeking your special pictures. This has given a career feed to emerging couple photographers. One such butJara hatke‘ is –  Haruhiko Kawaguchi, popularly known as ‘Hal photographer’.

Haruhiko Kawaguchi has been known for creative concept photography that may sometime seem insane to few but has definitely in rage among the loved ones. He has been packing couple’s  within plastic bags to dipict bond of intense love among them.

Photographer Hal has now been internationally lauded for his amazing photography skills and out of box concepts. And now this Tokyo based artist has come up with his new series – ” Flesh Love”.

In conversation with Vice–  Haruhiko Kawaguchi says- ” To embrace your lover, sometimes you wish to melt right into them. To realize this wish, I’ve been photographing couples in small, cramped spaces. Soon I reached the point of photographing couples in vacuum-sealed packs. As my work has become more and more intense, I’ve noticed that communication is indispensable.”

Recollecting his initial days, he adds it was pretty difficult to convince complete strangers or to even get volunteers as the concept was quite extreme. Moreover, taking out oxygen and sealing within a cramped space requires an advance paramedical assistance.

I just persuaded couples sincerely to try out this experience. While shooting the assistants are ready to open the bag if there is an emergency or any partner feels suffocated.  And an active involvement of paramedical makes sure that an oxygen sprayer and gel is provided to pacify people if anyone starts feeling sick.

weird newsHaruhiko Kawaguchi, affirms that almost 400 couples have participated in his claustrophobic photography concept- Flesh Love.


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