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This week saw the booting of two of the seemingly most infamous personalities of Twitterverse. While Donald Trump, being the President had his account up and running soon, things were not so easy on the home turf. KRK, the notorious Actor, Producer, and Critic (or as his Twitter bio once said) was the man everyone loved to hate.

Always in the news, KRK was not pleased after his Twitter account was suspended. This happened in the light of his remarks against the movie Secret Superstar and the lead Aamir Khan. Not a man to waste a moment, KRK complained about how Twitter should refund the money he has spent on his account. Reportedly, he claims to have invested approximately 6 million. Furthermore, he cried foul at how Twitter unabashedly suspended his account without furnishing a reason he would agree with. 

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Despite all the drama, his account was still not reinstated. Then taking matters into his own hands, KRK began tweeting through the Box Office’s official Twitter handle. In this stunt, he threatened Twitter authorities that if they do not restore his Twitter account, then he will commit suicide. Not only that, he even released a Press Release that was signed “From depressed, KRK.”

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The tweet was later deleted.

And to make it easier for you, here’s what KRK said:

I request @TwitterIndia and staff Ms Mahima Kaul, Viral Jani and Mr Taranjeet Singh to restore my account within 15 days. 1st they did charge me millions of rupees and then suddenly suspended my account. So am depressed because they have cheated me. If they won’t restore my account I will commit suicide and all these people will be responsible for my death.

Well, if you haven’t been on Twitter, let us tell you one thing: It is ruthless. Twitter is the social equalizer and does not discriminate between class, gender, background etc. Everyone gets equally roasted without mercy. Twitter does not let you forget and clearly, KRK’s tweet went down in Twitter history. The Twitterati preyed upon him and thus, began the trolling that left people rolling on the floor laughing.

From citing Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to asking him to stick to his word, Twitter was in splits at the dramatic response. If KRK was expecting sympathetic responses, he was obviously looking in the wrong place.

Twitter User Aamir Khan (@SRLB_) spoke on behalf of every Indian present on Twitter. This is what he had to say:

Kartik (@karanboss11) echoed the same concern and reminded TwitterIndia where their loyalties lie. Talk about social responsibility!

Zunaid Doctor (@zunaiddoctor) could not wait for the 15 days to pass and tried to make a deal with the man himself:

Ayush Agrawal (@WatchingCricket) was only trying to be supportive and cheer him on to fight against the injustice:


Twitter user THE SALMAN KHAN (@ppritam009) on the other hand, reminded Twitter how it will be an act towards the betterment of humanity in general:

We sincerely hope that all this hue and cry dies down soon. At least, before we run out of our large tub of buttery popcorn!


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