Army, a single word is enough to paint a mental image of strict discipline, uniform, and unfaltering love for the country. The men and women from the Army are a notch above the common citizens. They are ready to die for their country if need be!

An Army is the first defense of a nation. The following are the 9 most disciplined, strictest and toughest armies of the world:

1. Elite Military: South Africa

Source: Buzz South Africa

Those who apply to the Elite Military of South Africa have to undergo strict discipline and one of the toughest screening procedures. Candidates are not given any food nor do they get any sleep. After selection, they go through even more intense training. It includes sleeping in a standing position, bush marching, getting food after every 5 days!

2. Spetsnaz: Russia

Source: USnews

Russia in itself is a tough place to live in. Thus, the Russian army is composed of tough nuts. They believe that a soldier should be capable of enduring pain. Hence, they use techniques like smashing a burning concrete slab on a trainee’s stomach or receiving punches in the stomach from the commanding officer. All this while showing no signs of pain!

3. Storm Corp Soldiers: North Korea

Source: The Sun

The Storm Corp ensures that discipline is maintained in North Korea. The trainees have to punch a tree 5,000 times or tackle 15 opponents in one go! If that is not enough to horrify you then picture this: The soldier is made to punch a tin can until they develop wounds, after which they should punch into salt mounds!

4. MI6: Britain

Source: VOA News

MI6 are a group of spies who are present all over the world. They discretely collect data and form the backbone of Britain’s prestigious Secret Intelligence Service. The spies are trained to gel with their environment and be inconspicuous.

5. Shayetet 13: Israel

Source: Pinterest

If you are surprised to see Israel’s army on the list then you would be stunned to know that they are comparable to US Navy SEALs and Delta Force! Apart from their usual training, they are also taught Krav Maga, the national martial art of Israel.

6. The Indian Army: India

Source: SSBCrack

We hear about the bravados of the Indian Army on a near-daily basis. Their training includes a scientifically formulated schedule that tests their physical and mental alertness. Some techniques used include the Maharaja, which is lifting your body with the support of the head, crawling in cold water and wired trenches.

7. US Navy SEALs: United States of America

Source: American Special Ops

SEAL stands for Sea, Land, and Air. These cadets definitely prove their worth in all the different spheres. The training period is so difficult that 75-80 out of 100 candidates drop out in the training duration!

8. NAVSOG & CGSOG: Philippines

Source: Nestfun

The NAVSOG and CGSOG trainees are asked to perform their training after being drunk. Thus, they test their physical and mental capacities. On a daily basis, they are made to run 6 miles, swim 18 miles and practice target shooting without any rest in between.

9. People’s Liberation Army: China


It is the largest military force in the world. In fact, it is compulsory to join the army in China. The recruits undergo extensive real-life battle scenarios to ensure that they are at the top of their game.


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