Check out the best of Shraddha Kapoor, totally ruling the #chick #sexy #casual #fashion this season. Her recent Instagram uploads made it totally irresistible for us- avoid coping her look. You defiantly need one of these sexy yet chirpy attires.

She is kinda ruling the young fashion and our editors went gaga over these sexy-  stunning looks, right from her Instagram page. Whenever we look for whats in buzz we swipe off those fingers and twirl on to Instagram to check what our celebrities going ahead and defining for the season, so here we are with the recent hits that have knocked the Fashions shores of India. And look who else can be the best to follow when we have out sexy yet charming Shraddha Kapoor defining the fashion industry with her new #Fashionita looks. Go online and head for few of these Shraddha Kapoor dresses- “black lil’ dress, or that funky leather skirts, and geometric prints– shop all on these online giants.

2 days to go! @tanghavri @shraddha.naik @amitthakur26 #OkJaanu #13thJanuary ❤

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Here she goes ahead to rule the young, college-going, cool yet girly looks. Pair them accordingly with asymmetric, geometrical, mismatch themes to be in trend. Here’s few of her breezy, light summery look to copy this season and be on trend.

To follow the look and instinct of Bollywood leading actress, follow minimal or nude makeup trend and light curls or wavy volumized hair during the day look really impressive.


So join the trend- these are few looks that are ruling the social media and are must follow one to spin those head and adorn the sensational Bollywood beau fashion code.  So to summertime the rule of fashion this season we have light fabrics inn with lots of prints in pastel cool tones. Block to fine prints paired with cool tops and sway back hair flaunt them together with matching shoes.




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