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Gabi Greg, a USA based fashion blogger, and designer, has been associated with the plus size clothing industry since a decade. Her latest Swimsuits For All collection has pushed the plus size swimsuits incredibly. Gabi became popular when she started blogging on her fashion blog named GabiFresh. She sells plus size swimsuits on her very own blog.

Here is how Gabi got involved with the plus size swimsuits world:

The Instagram model would get disappointed to see that hardly any clothing store would have clothes of her size. Also, the lack of representation of plus size women in the fashion industry frustrated her. She tried to make the fatkini trend mainstream and promote clothing for plus sized women. Gabi has since them become an epitome of body positivity.

The 31-year-old body image activist has recently launched a very affordable collection named Swimsuits For All. The collection contains vibrant, bold, and trendy swimsuits for women of all sizes. The unique part of the campaign is that it caters to plus size women by including plus size swimsuits.  The ad campaign for the collection consists of model Philomena Kwao and sex educationalist Erica Hart. The photoshoot for the ad campaign is done in a forest. The models posed against the ethereal tropical backdrops of Belize. They are wearing leopard printed single piece swimsuit.

Gabi’s love for deeper jewel tones and metallics inspired this collection.  Her love for simplicity and clean cuts made sure that the collection has some sophistication. The leopard printed single piece swimsuit is her favorite in the collection. Her second favorite would be the white bikini which has a mesh tee over top. This design was inspired by the wet white t-shirt look.

Gabi Gregg noticed that it was her first time trying different things with a string bikini design, too.  She feels that because she has a major bust doesn’t mean she can not wear a string swimsuit, as well. She said that in regards to picking out from the assortment of the very of-the-moment silhouette.  She feels that likewise with these patterns, individuals can be anxious because they feel that ladies would prefer not to reveal that much skin or wouldn’t need something so high-cut, however, she truly endeavors to push it forward and still make it friendly for a larger size body.

Her latest collection offers swimsuits from women size 10 to 26, making sure that it is indeed focused on women of all sizes. another interesting fact is that the models picked by Gaby Gregg for the ad campaign are survivors too. Philomena Kwao is a model who has voiced strongly on issues regarding colorism and racial diversity. Erica Hart is a breast cancer survivor who took the internet by storms when she posted her topless images revealing double mastectomy scars.

Gabi Gregg’s mantra for 2018 is, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

She definitely is an inspiration to everyone who believes that body size and shape do not define beauty. This brings a new wave of change in plus size swimsuits industry and hopefully, it is a lasting one.


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