outfit colors for dusky skin tone
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While choosing a dress for yourself it is very important to keep your body type in mind. Along with that, one should never forget that colors also play an equally important role when it comes to style.

You can’t expect to make an impression in a beautiful dress that doesn’t even go with your skin tone. Presenting yourself is all that matters you need to choose the right dress, for the right occasion and of the right color.

In early times, people used to think that only Black and white colors are made for dusky skin tone. But now, you don’t need to worry about that as you can pull off a number of shades that will completely go with your dusky skin tone.

Here are some awesome outfit colors for dusky skin tone that you must try—


Blue has many shades– turquoise (a bluish-green shade), Aqua and bright shades like royal blue, navy blue, and indigo. These shades of blue can really make your look fabulous and bring out the color of your skin.


We have always heard that bright colors are not made for dusky skin tones. Then it’s time to clear this miss-conception. Even bright colors like pink look beautiful on the duskier skin and you can never ever go wrong with it.


Just like other colors, Golden color has also many shades too like glittery golden, dull golden, rose gold. This color is such an elegant color that will also make you look elegant. So don’t be afraid to pick colors that are closer to your skin tone.


Dusky skin tone can totally wear an all-white outfit and look gorgeous in it. You can even try an off-white or cream or beige-white as well. They all will look amazing with your skin tone.


This is another color that suits all Indian skin tone. Since it’s a jewel tone, its brighten up your look too. Try to opt for dark shades of green like teal green, dark embellished green which will look beautiful on you to wear for every occasion.


Metallic grey is a trend that’s taking the fashion scene by storm. This color works well for all Indian skin tones. Perfect for a party, and will get you all the attention.


Magenta is one of the rare colors that look better on dark complexion. This color in itself is so pretty that will flatter your skin tone like no other.


Black is a lovely color that will look great on any skin tone. More than anything, black makes you look slimmer. So, whatever complexion you have, you must own a black dress.


Red is a color for all skin tones. Women with light skin tone carry this color extremely well but this color looks stunning on dusky women too. You can try a variety of different reds from deep one to the one with orange and pink in it.


There are many shades of yellow like pastel or neon yellow, mustard or sunflower yellow. Mustard yellow is a great color for dusky skin tone and instantly brighten up your look.














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