Choosing the right wedding attire is not an easy job, especially for a woman. With the latest trends like flower crowns and high-low hem dresses, other trends are almost forgotten. But the puffed sleeve trend in the wedding dress is one such trend, which is making a big style statement while looking really timeless. Reserved for the most daring brides, these sleeves have made a major comeback these days. If you are still not sure, then this is the high time when you should throw all your misconceptions away about the puffy sleeves on the wedding dresses as these are now available completely in a revamped style. So, wedding gowns with puffy sleeves are not antiquated any longer. Rather, this style adds a great touch of vintage glamour to the overall wedding attire, which is just impossible to get with any other accessories.

What is the puff sleeve?

Puff sleeve is basically the short-sleeved version of Juliet sleeve. Here in this sleeve style, the puff is fitted at the bottom part of the hand around the arm with a band or elastic to keep the sleeve in proper place. This is actually a bohemian style and therefore offers the impression of innocent joy and youth. And therefore, this sleeve style is really popular for the more casual summer weddings. Juliet sleeve is another version of this sleeve style where the long sleeve is fitted with a small puff at the shoulder. This style is also romantic and funny at the same time. Therefore, it is good for both winter and fall weddings.

So, it can be said that any sleeve, which features pushed gathered fabrics into the voluminous shape is known as the puff sleeve. Therefore, this type of sleeve is ideal for women with pear-shaped figures. Besides, this type of sleeve style is also ideal for the brides, who are too skinny and can’t rely on their busts to look like a diva by wearing any style of wedding dress. The main aim of the bouffant parts of this type of sleeve style is to add volume and create fullness.

The popularity of the puffy sleeves:

With some great variations, the puff sleeve wedding dresses have stolen our hearts completely. Starting from the illusion lace full sleeves to the intricately beaded sleeve jackets, the puffy sleeves have become a major fashion statement. So, those days are past when there was just matronly coverage. Rather, these days the puffy sleeves are the ideal combination of modern sophistication and vintage romance. While styled properly, the puffy sleeves with a bit of volume near or at the shoulder can create a striking look on the brides.

Variations in the puffy sleeves:

There are a number of variations in the puffy sleeve wedding gowns. Here are some of the details:

  • One of the major variations is the elbow and short length puffs and the bishop sleeves, which are fitted to the elbows of the wearer before blooming into the gathered puffs, which narrow again at the wrist.
  • Another dramatic variation of the puffy sleeves is known as theLeg O’ Mutton Sleeves”. Here the blouse is broad at the shoulder and therefore it tapers towards the wrist gradually. This is a common style of puffy sleeves with Victorian inspiration.
  • There is another popular style of puffy sleeves, which feature turtle necklines that close in puff sleeves and huge loops. This type of sleeve is the best example of exemplary craftsmanship.
  • Another well-known style of puffy sleeve wedding dress includes beautiful bodices embellished with silver embroidery with pearls. This type of wedding gown also includes a layered skirt that comes with silver glitter stripes. This type of puffy sleeve floor length wedding gown is a popular choice of the urban divas.


So, the idea of puffy sleeve wedding dresses is to create the desired fullness. This type of sleeve has its own charm. And the diaphanous aspect of this sleeve only completes while the sleeves are made of some fine materials. This is the reason why this type of vintage yet the fashionable style of sleeve catch the attention and eye of almost every fashion enthusiast from the very beginning.

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