Take it and show it! See, this is not an easy task to flaunt each and every time but it takes a lot of toils to think and then procreates fashion. Though we have lots of choices when we are talking about western fashion, the availability of them is a crucial thing. One of the best things is that they are available in an affordable range and in amazing pop colours which make your day happy and happening. From skater dresses to sassy mini dresses or sophisticated maxi dresses, in a western array, one enjoys a frolic ride of styles and patterns but still, there are few things which need you to discover. And today, we are going to discuss the same.

Today, we will have a talk on quirky fashion and styles that will magically transform your looks in minutes every time you wear them.

Layer With Crop Top


There must be a dress which gives you goose bumps when you think to wear them for a sec. But not more now! Give it a trendy twist – rock in a crop top (shop the above crop tops here) over your regular skirts, Jeggings or shorts.  Else wear a crop top over your spaghetti dress, or low neck dress. It will proffer you many advantages such as-

  • Cover up your low neck design which will otherwise make you uncomfortable
  • Give the complete attire a new look for sure
  • Can wear it with sneakers as well as pumps

Check Out Suspenders


suspender skrit

Remember the toddler days, when you were forced to wear suspender baba shirts and attires!? They have come with a bang and this time we all are loving it. They are available in various styles such as with pants, skirts, maxi dresses online and etc. So, explore a lot and rich arrays of suspender dresses to get an all new branded look. Another way to take the pace is asking your tailor to attach a suspender hole or line on the dress or apparel of your wish.

Ask For Lace Sleeves


Lace Sleeves dress

We all love laces but finding a true and quality of lace over our fave dress sounds dreamy. Well, this next to impossible task has become solved!

Buy laces strips from the busy market of Chandni Chowk and provide the same to your tailor. He or she will stitch them at their sleeves’ hems. And you want it all sorted then visit Myntra to buy a lace sleeved dress to enjoy the summer moments.

Make Frayed Endings & Denim Dresses


If you have them then it is okay and if you don’t, you can always make them. Take out any of your denim dress from the dark corners of your wardrobe. Make sure the density or weight of the dress is something to consider. Shop the best denim dresses ever here. 

  • You can make artificial frays at the bottom hemline of the dress with the help of blades or scissors.
  • Another easiest pick is to visit an online store and purchase a frayed ending denim dress.

Add Tulle Layering


tulle dress

Add extra feminine character to your appeal and personality by getting tulle number stitched over the hemline of your favourite dress. Be it your denim jeans, dress, any type of skirt or shorts, additional tulle layering from the waist line will spiff up the entire look of yours in no time.

These are the additional dos and don’t need much clarity or strictness to do it all right! You can tweak the process in your own way and can spiff up the action as you like. Do share your new look pics and comment below how much you liked it.


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