From all those styling roller-coasters for our hairs, coloring takes our heart to make the thing lil’ more exciting.  It’s always a fun to play with colors weather to go for few shaded flicks, highlights or full volume color. It instantly revamps your look, adds up a bit of spice and if chosen smartly can even make you look younger.However, we usually tend to go impulsive on choosing the right shade from the available vast array of color choices in market, and people hardly engross in research. So here it is –Hair Color decoded.

We consulted few leading hair stylists across the city,  to curate these tips you really need to know before opting your next coloring session at Home. Let’s start with what things you really look for in a product, how to use, its effect etc..etc. (also read:- tips for getting incredible hair highlight at home by yourself).

What To Look For In– Hair Color Products

The very first thing to look on your product is it’s ingredients. Lot of hair colors do have ammonia- as it helps the color to penetrate deeper in your strands. But ammonia based hair color will eventually lead to dry, brittle, unhealthy and  damaged hair, making it prone to breakage. Moreover ammonia based hair products have strong awe-full odour that may irritate nose and eyes. ( the ingredient lists in Godrej hair color is amazing and all natural, L’Oreal & Blunt has made their mark while Kama Ayurveda has it all except the high pricing). 

So look for words like Ammonia free/ no ammonia on your product. Apart from it if the product says some natural ingredients that are good for hair like- milk, aloevera, egg- then kudo’s to that brand, just grab the product for your next color playing. (shop ammonia free hair color)

Color Stay

If you are among those who cant resist to try new shade every time, and gets bore instantly from your older color. Here you go–Ideally you can do color touch-up after 6-8 weeks. Moreover to avoid coloring often you must look for a hair product that says –Long Lasting hair color or permanent hair color.

If your product does not says- permanent or long lasting hair color, then your product is a semi-permanent or temporary hair color and would fade away quite early.


Box Packaging

Try go for a product that kind of convenient to measure, apply and restore for next use. So for products that has 1:1 or 1:2 ratio within your crème’ and developer, making it easy to measure. Apart from this invest in coloring brand that comes in bottle or metal tubes, making it easy to restore for your next use.

Meet Your Color Expectations

We all want to look vibrant and gorgeous with our new hair color but sadly after a month or so we start noticing a faded or grayish natural hair color at the roots. Why?—It’s because the hair are still growing, and while it’s growing,  its actually the roots growing outward and  pushing the rest of strand. And the new hair has no color applied to it so it look all the your natural hair color- and will be grey if you started graying making it look weird.  So what to do?- just go for a root touch-ups—tie the hair in buns and just apply the product towards your roots. Make sure to use the same hair color which you used last time to make the color look same and fresh.

How To Choose Color Shade

The market is flooded with varied shades and few of them are really great but what’s important is to select that color which goes with your skin-tone, mood and enhance your look. Hair color has a tendency to either enhance your entire look / personality or work totally against it, so you need to act smart on it.

As Indian skin tone falls towards the warmer side- colors like burgundy with a dash of peach or plum enhance the looks neutralizing the yellow. However almost all  Asian skin tone, perfectly carries shades of brown.

Now when you are pro to hair colour with this complete guide, try your hands on & play with all the peppy, subtle or loud colors.. Flaunt a new you..









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