We have curated 3 fat burning spices, directly from your kitchen. These miracle spices apart from making your food taste great, hikes up your metabolism making your body burn more even at resting state and help you lose weight. So let’s get straight to their properties, effect and how to include them in your daily meal. 


Cinnamon shoot up your metabolism by metabolizing sugar at a much faster pace, thereby stabilizing your insulin level. Which will eventually lead to less craving and making your body to store less fat? So you can sprinkle about a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder in your morning beverage or even in your pulses/ soup /salad or veggies as dressing.

GingerFresh, dried and powdered ginger

This is a hero for enhancing your metabolism rate, it’s a proven vasodilator, means it improves blood circulation by dilating diameters of blood capillaries: this will lead to an increase in your body temperature. These phenomena induce much more calorie consumption, in-turn boosts up your metabolism. Ginger has proven medicinal properties for aiding digestion and lowering blood cholesterol. Moreover, as a stomach’s calming agent ginger even helps to reduce belly boat and promotes better absorption of other nutrients.

Cayenne peppercabe-cayenne-pepper


Cayenne pepper is a metabolic booster, contains capsaicin that is anti-inflammatory in nature and aids weight loss. This spicy treat is included in breakfast will lower your appetite and eventually lead to less calorie intake. Not only this it’s has magical effects in artery blockages, studies have suggested that cayenne pepper increases fibrinolytic activity hence preventing a blood clot.health-benefits-of-cayenne-pepper_1



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