After a long day outside the home, you feel like having a good hot or cold shower, don’t you, feels kinda detox? We all agree to the point that it’s refreshing, rejuvenating, and cleanses out all the dust and pollutants. Similarly, it is also important to cleanse your body from inside. Our environment is full of unwanted pollutants and allergens. These agents enter our body and act as harmful toxins which we all know, are not good news. The human body attracts all the good and bad things easily. 

If you have just passed through a long holiday or festive season, then you probably would be carrying an ample amount of problematic agents in your body. After all the merriment and exploration, your body demands a good cleansing from inside to cut down the unwanted bloating, heaviness and skin dullness. 

What happens when you detox your body?

Basically, when you focus on detoxing your body, it means to cleanse your bloodstreams, your anatomical system and purifying your body from inside. Our body system is naturally functioned to eliminate toxins through the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines, lymphatic system and skin. Although, sometimes, these systems lack in doing so. That’s why a good time-to-time detox is known to be very beneficial to flush away the unfiltered toxins. 

There are a lot of processes, systems, foods, and drinks available in the market that are specially made to perform the job of complete body detox. Juice detox, fruit detox, greens detox and other kinds of cleansings. Whichever one you chose; they all ultimately are serving the same purpose. 

  • To eliminate toxins out of the body by stimulating the liver. 
  • Resting the organs by fasting
  • Improving blood circulation in the body
  • Refueling the body with nutrients

Detoxing your body naturally 

The detox regimen is not limited to food only. You can get rid of these problematic substances by simply following a few steps. Our body catches impurities very easily and it takes quite a while to get rid of these. Here we have 7 simple but effective ways to detox your body from the inside.

Drink a lot of water 

Water is always your best friend. It can flush out all the unwanted agents from your body. So, drink plenty of water every day. If it tends to get boring at times, you always can indulge yourself in fruit-infused water. Toss a few slices of strawberry, cucumber, and mint in a glass water. Let it diffuse into the water and sip on a fancier version of water which is healthy, tasty and also a good form of detox drink.

Binge on sleep

This is the easiest form of detox. Whenever you feel bloated, stressed or under the pressure, get yourself a good 10-hour sleep. You can plan your sleep-detox as a good Sunday relaxation. It reduces cortisol levels and stress. It doesn’t take much effort, just make sure that you sleep inappropriate room temperature. 

Move yourself a little 

Full body exercise, stretching and running can act as your daily dose of body-detox. It stimulates all the body organs internally and externally, to works more efficiently and to help your hormonal glands to pump all the feel-good hormones, indulge yourself in a good morning work-out of your interest. Go for a run, walk briskly, stretch or perform a few relaxing yoga poses. Yoga and pranayama are well-known for their ability to rejuvenate and energize the body from the core. 

Try fasting 

In India, fasting is often considered as a religious practice. But, did you know that a good 12-hour fast allows your body organs and internal-systems to take a break? Start from one day a week. Pick any day as per your comfort and skip your regular Daal-roti for the day. You can depend on a few fruits for the natural energy source, to keep your going for the day. 

Do not forget to have the required amount of water and never-ever over-do fasting. It can affect your heart and hinder your ideal blood-pressure. 

Foods to ignore while detoxing 

The food we eat and the food we avoid; both are equally responsible for the presence of toxins inside our body. If you are planning for a detox regimen, there are a few foods that could be added to your ‘Not to eat’ list. 

Cut- out the consumption of artificial sugar, confectioneries, junk-foods, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, excessive salt in your meals, etc. You always can find an alternative for your favorite food which is healthy and tastes fine. Lower down the amount of oil used in your cooking and stick to healthier oils like mustard, coconut and olive oil.

What to eat while detoxing

Fasting definitely can help you in detoxing, but adding up specific types of foods can also accelerate the procession of your full-body detox. Foods rich in antioxidants, fruits, green vegetables, green tea, and other herbal teas are known to be the body detoxing foods.

Do you know adding these 3 spices can boost your metabolism & help you lose weight?

Consume more probiotic foods like curd, yogurt, etc. They help in improving gut-health, thus good for pushing out unwanted toxins from our body. 

Try switching your regular food with organic food, it cuts down your intake of harmful chemicals and pesticides coming from your conventionally grown food.

Detox from unhealthy thoughts

Food we eat and the thoughts we think. Both are equally responsible for polluting our bodies. Getting rid of unhealthy thoughts, peace-less mental situations is very important. Meditating every morning, just for a few minutes can be your way out of stress and negativity. Start with a lesser interval of a minute and extend it as you start feeling that you have created the necessary concentration.

Think happy thought, stay away from negativity and stress. This is an ultimate mental detox that you can do without planning.

Final take

We get across numerous toxins in our day to day life, from food, to air to our thought. If we get expertise ourselves in good habits and follow a healthy lifestyle, needless to say, that this will act as a regular detox to our bodies and you might not have to plan for a week-long detox specifically. Eat good food, breathe often and always remember, water is your best friend.


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  1. I’ve been looking for ways to improve my day to day life, and I never suspected that working on releasing and diminishing toxins could help so much!
    We talk about eating well often, and yet we never seem to be able to build links between toxins, eating, and feeling well. Thank you for sharing!


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