This article is dedicated to bursting popular myths and theories of weight control and dieting techniques. I had been with few beautiful bees around me who are so obsessed with dieting that they will count calories of each item and will even go fast. But the major thing for which my brain click is are all of them eating only healthy things, are they really cutting on processed gluten food. How helpful and successful their plan is towards maintaining a healthy weight with gorgeous skin.

Are you a person who puts on weight easily, or do you think that your metabolism level has slashed down, or do you think that even water leads to bloating? Then do go through this article that will give the best insight on dieting myths and how to adopt right measures to control.


FACT # 1
Your dinner time should be in line with your breakfast time, so if you are having breakfast by 7 am then your dinner should defiantly be around 7 pm. But if you take breakfast by 9:30, then the dinner should be around 9 pm.
The Breakfast- Lunch- Evening snacks & Dinner should always be properly set and there should be a minimum of 4 hrs gap among all. Maintaining a proper gap and timing will lead to healthy digestion, proper assimilation & even help in elevating your metabolism.


Nopes, in fact rice does not have fat, a 50 gm serving of rice has only 0.5 gm of fat than how come rice by fatty. If rice is eaten properly in a balanced manner then it’s not at all fatty. But yes eating in excess will eventually increase your blood sugar level as its pure carbohydrate which will eventually convert into glucose and unused glucose gets stored as fat in our body. So eat balanced amount and you can enjoy rice.


FACT 3 #
You should never eat fruits empty stomach because it will flush out all the good bacteria from your gut and your digestive system will become weak. After following fruits empty stomach for a week you will start noticing gastric troubles like- bloating, gas, acidity, indigestion.
One can take fruits as deserts after the meal or breakfast not instead of meal.


Tada this is the biggest myth I swear. Let me tell you something really cunning, to give the same taste from the brown bread as that of white bread, the million dollar companies are adding a lot of stabilizing agents that are basically sugar solutes.
Moreover, as more of stabilizing agents are used while preparing brown bread, it has a much higher glycemic index ( amount of sugar released after the breakdown of food) than white bread.
To give you the fact a 9 cm of brown bread has 87 calories while a white bread has only 50 calories.

MYTH 5 # Crash dieting or even fasting makes you lose weight.


Well as per experts it may give results for short span but ultimately it will be disastrous for your health as well as weight loss.
As per doctors losing weight over a longer term and in a consistent way burns off the fat from the body and even boosts metabolism. But with crash dieting, it will not only remove fat but will also slash down lean muscle and tissue. This serious loss of muscles – lean, will eventually hinder your basal metabolic rate.
Hmm okay but hows this gonna be hampering me?
It will hamper as the drop in lean muscles means your body will need much fewer calories than it previously required making weight gain quite easily as it will lose the capability to burn more calories.

MYTH 6 # Full fat milk has high calcium than low-fat milk or skimmed milk.


Well giving you a surprise skimmed or double toned milk is rich in calcium and has far more calcium than creamy full-fat milk. As per dietitian Alison Sullivan, the calcium is in watery part of milk and not the creamy part.
So as per health experts if you are on the track of healthy weight loss skimmed milk are the best bet for your diet as being less fatty and potent calcium content.

MYTH 7 # Cholesterol is bad for health.


Ahhh this one is a hyped myth. Well, let’s understand what exactly cholesterol is. It is a fatty substance that really prepared by our tiny body engine aka liver. Yes, it’s a devil after an extent as it deposits in our arteries leading to blockages and heart diseases. But then it is vital as well because its necessary to build cells and produce important hormones.
Cholesterol are categorized under good cholesterol ( high density Lipoproteins- HDL) and bad cholesterol ( Low density lipoproteins). We do required HDL and that can be taken from HDL rich food sources such as nuts, vegetable sources, seeds etc.

These were few of the popular myths. If you had any please post in the comments below.


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