Single Circuit For Sculpted Body–

Thoughtfully designed duo circuit may look simple but just a few repetitions will realize the burn inside. Try your hands on and I bet you won’t regret.

alternating-lungebody-weight-squatsMuch buzzed metabolic finisher is inculcated towards the end of your workout routine to ignite weight loss, boost metabolism and increase your fitness level. To cut short the story, it’s super quick, super intense and ultra fast to increase fat loss.

A deadly combination of two killer moves is a fast circuit of lunges and squat. The intense fast lunges and then strength based sumo squats demand muscle force and power.  Start with alternate leg lunges with an up and down movement of hands, make it explosive with an increase in rate- do it faster. Give it 10-15 rep, and then quickly switch to squat- squat..squat..squat taking deep breaths and then again move to lunges followed by sumo squat.  Take a 5-6 repetition and feel the burn.

The explosive alternate leg lunges will fuel up your heart rate burn up your quads and increase calorie consumption while moving on to squat – demands much more muscle strength and force to maintain the position, as your body has been in momentum and will resist a static position. This will not only build your strength but even enhance overall posture and induce fat loss.

This is a great circuit exercise to be done alone would work explosively if included at the end of any workouts or supersets. Try it towards the end of your cardio to induce fat- blasting and muscle building and shed those extra kilos. If doing it alone without any workout or cardio prior, do concentrate on intensity as the key to get better results from this intense metabolic finisher, is be do it faster with no breaks and more repetitions for a stronger, firmer and slender body.


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