The portrayal of different nationalities in different cultures mainly use stereotypes. Sometimes that portrayal is funny, sometimes it’s offensive. Recently Priyanka Chopra took on “The Simpsons”-controversy with the Apu character, calling him “the bane of her life“. Of course, fans of “The Simpsons” sided with the show, claiming that the viewer must understand that the Apu character is not a parody of Hindu, but rather the parody of how stereotypically Americans view Hindu people. The interesting point that stereotypes have a great impact on international dating. When it comes to Russian or Ukrainian brides dating, we rarely think about learning their cultures via communicating with them. We would rather read an article or two online that claim to help in understanding the Slavic cultures, while in fact are full of stereotypes. Thanks to articles like that online daters think that each and every Slavic girl is ready to leave all her life behind whenever there is a foreigner who is interested in dating her, which is not true. So, let’s have a look at the most ridiculous stereotypes that haunt the online dating.


The main reason why men embark on international dating is searching for an obedient bride. At least, this conclusion arrives from the fact that the vast majority of articles on online dating claim that brides from Russia, Latin America or wherever are obedient. And men follow this idea that women from other countries are more obedient than their domestic counterparts. Of course, it all ends up in men being unable to find that obedient perfect one, as she simply doesn’t exist. This case can be viewed as the major problem with men, as they rarely realize that women should be considered individually. The stereotype that women in foreign countries are more obedient leads to nothing but disappointment.


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Another popular myth is that women from, let’s say, post-Soviet countries are anti-feminist. While it can be considered as truth, as feminism had less impact on the Soviet Union, the reality shows that women in Ukraine and Russia have never faced the kind of inequality, which was present in the Western world and Asia. Yep, she may not join some move for the equality of the rights or demand an equal salary, but don’t you dare to tell her about what should be done about housekeeping. She knows it better, and get ready that when you have a Slavic girl in your life – the patriarchy is gone forever. You are about to welcome matriarchy.

Respect for Men

Another stereotype that impacts online dating is the belief that women from other countries are bound to respect a man, regardless of his actions. In the end men get disappointed, as women don’t like when men are rude. Women don’t like when men start discussing sexual issues in the chat. Women don’t like when a man starts telling her how her attitude to life should change after the marriage, without getting acquainted properly.

You can succeed only trying to get to know the girl, instead of trying to follow stereotypes.



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