The reason why Women’s Day is celebrated and we get a space to voice  over stage is due to the persistent struggle and sacrifices women has made through generations at both professional and personal front- so that we could chase our dream!

Mira Rajput was invited to voice her opinion on #International Women Day, to which she seems to talk of #Feminism and  “women empowerment” not certainly with correct nuances.  When I scroll my brain or social directories I can only rephrase only 2 identities    –  ( A). Shahid Kapoor’s Wife   (B) Mira Rajpur who?. 

Mira Rajput Says..

“I am a homemaker and wear that label with pride… I can    raise my daughter, I can be a good wife and I can set my house the way I like. I love being at home and love my child. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t want to spend one hour with Misha and then rush off to work. Why did I have her? Misha is not a puppy. I want to be there for her.”


Well the point is why are we even talking about her.  The reason is simple- LSRC’s Delhiite is married to a Bollywood star- Shahid Kapoor and getting fair amount of attention by paparazzi and social media has made this starry status slip into her mind. This was evident when she got a space to talk about recent changes in her life, she went on criticizing the recent wave of #Feminism  in an event on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

With this awful statement- she went on offending probably entire women who struggled to secure women rights , who are often embossed with words like- aggressive, demanding, arguing and even christened as ‘playing the victim card’.  I feel pity for those who don’t understand the term #Feminism and then too are eager enough to put their statement. The new age feminism is aggressive and destructive both as quoted by Jyoti Sharma Bawa. She explains there is a term called ‘Feminazi’ which is now becoming the female equivalent of male chauvinist.

Its really pity that being slammed for being a women is at par as daily course. I would like tom ask the Bollywood related new mom- that do you understand and know what a home maker women goes though (provided she is not  having Gucci bag hanging around her arms or Manish Malhotra dress).  There is a unending vicious circle of work identity for women, be it at any sphere.

A stay at homemaker mother is often, slammed with being too easy and no work. A working women is a real culprit, she is slammed for focusing only on her career and not her home.

Let’s tross on the other side of coin- if she is single and wanted to start of her family life after a established career—worse, she would be constantly reminded for the biological close whose tick-tock is kinda big bang explosion. And a choice to make between exploring her personality, her career or taking up marriage- confuse her mind.

I just wanted to thank these 3 ladies for coming up and posting this open letter to Mira Rajput.

Inspite of all the limitation, mindsets and thinking’s – WOMEN ARE ROCKING at every phase and sphere of life, equally respected weather they are homemaker, married, single or professional.  Kudos to your mindset which makes you blabber an insane statement.

Thankfully we are in an era where we can voice our opinions for or against to any cause, you can thank to various generations of women who has sacrificed their lives and struggled persistently at personal or professional level,- so that today we can have a fair space in society to stand for our rights or against any violence.

I would like to conclude with this statement by Jyoti Sharma- writer in Indian Express Entertainment. She reverts in a blog to Mira— No, working women  don’t treat their children as puppies although pet lovers can take umbrage to that. They walk a tightrope of fulfilling their responsibilities at work and at home, bringing up responsible adults who have role models to emulate right inside their home and ensuring that they contribute to the society too. Exactly what a homemaker does, whether it is a man or a woman.

A truly empowered society will be one where your career choices or life choices are not limited to constructs of gender. And that ideal is a long, long way off. The struggle will continue regardless of what you think Mira, but it truly hurts when one of us, the women, says and thinks like this. And it gives ammo to those trying to show women their ‘real place’. For the real place of any woman is what, and where, she chooses to be.

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  1. Why women are judged based on what they do professionally ? Even educated sorry not educated qualified woman like Mira thinks that woman is a caring responsible daughter sister mother wife only if they are in close boundaries otherwise they are over ambitious , selfish & irresponsible and they cannot fulfill any of their responsibility towards their family …
    We have seen man with this kind of mentality but now woman also joining this cheap mentality brigade …

    No wonder why SHAHID KAPOOR has broke up with ambitious kareena and married an orthodox conservative Mira . Well Mira has rightly justified her husband’s choice. Kareena on the other hand proved herself on all front professionally and personally also as a woman , as a daughter , as a wife and above all as a mother .


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