Bali is famous for its coral-speckled beaches, the beautiful green rice terraces, and the enchanting azure blue seas. The place is not just a haven for surfers, but a real vacation hot spot for the majority desiring complete peace and tranquility for their vacations. The culture is vibrant, the people very welcoming and the food is just on another altogether. If you have gone for expedited passport renewal and you have already mapped out your itinerary to Bali, then here are a few things you should know if you want to have a great trip to Bali-:

Never miss visiting Ubud

If you want to get a healthy kick start, then you have to pass by Ubud and experience of the health magic they have. So if you are on Bali travel, then Ubud is the undisputed Bali’s traditional cultural hub and it now holds a reputation for being the island’s holistic wellness hub. This is the same location where the movie, “Eat, Love and Pray” was filmed and if you have watched the movie, then you understand the magic that this place will have on your health and overall well-being. 

You can try out The Yoga Barn for a myriad of yoga classes or you can head over to the Seeds of Life where you will find plenty of raw food restaurants that give you the detoxification you have always wanted. Alternatively, you can visit the famous Monkey Forest for close interaction with the primates, only that you will have to keep a firm hold on your belongings or the monkey will snatch them and run away with them to the treetops. Finally, if you think you are adventurous enough, you can go for white-water rafting along the scenic Ayung River in Ubud.

Don’t be afraid to haggle

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Balinese receive tourists from all corners of the world all throughout the year. The traders there have devised a way to get most sales from the tourists and if you don’t know how to haggle, you will end spending a lot of money on the stuff you buy. Always know that for every item you see on sale, there will always be a price for the locals and a price for tourists. Therefore, if you don’t haggle on your Bali travel, you will always get the items at the price of the tourists, making them expensive all the time. Don’t be afraid to haggle, since the traders already know this and they will always give you some discount, but you have to ask for it.

Be very careful with your money

If you need to exchange your money or withdraw more, always use the ATMs and try avoiding the money changers since they can undercut you big time. If you have to use the money changers, always do your own calculations and double check with theirs so that they don’t exploit you in any way. There are also lots of outlets in Bali that accept credit cards, but when you are down the streets or you need to buy local stuff, you are highly encouraged to have the local currency. It makes work easier for you and the vendors.

For waves, head west, but for snorkeling, go east

Bali has some of the best surf sites in the world and for this reason alone, surfers go for expedited passport services so that they can come to Bali for the ultimate surfing experience. If you happen to be a surfing enthusiast and you want to have some fun in Bali, then you will find some amazing spots on the West Coast that will fill your heart with pure joy. In places such as Kuta and Canggu, you will find incredible waves ideal for every kind of surfer. Even if you were a newbie and you wanted to try your luck in this fun activity, then there are lots of novice classes you can always take to give you the skill and the confidence to venture out in the wild waters.

However, if you prefer calmer and clear waters where you can snorkel and enjoy a magnificent life of the undersea, then you should head over to the East Coast of Bali. There are magnificent places for snorkeling and scuba diving you could readily venture into once you have the right gear for the underwater, and believe me these destinations will be your best, never forgettable moments on your bali travel.

Never miss the fire dance at Uluwatu

fire dance bali, bali traditional danceOne of the major reasons for traveling is to experience the culture and traditions of the locals and for this reason, you must never miss the fire dance at Uluwatu when you are in Bali. On this island, you will never be short of traditional dances, but in Uluwatu, you will be treated to the most spectacular experience, given that the dance is performed on top of an ancient temple located on the edge of a cliff. If you will be using a moped for traveling, you are advised that the dance will be over at night and so you may want to take good note of your route.

Don’t miss a trip to the Gilis on your Bali travel

Off the West Coast of Lombok, you will find the three Gili islands and they are just two hours away by boat from Bali. These are laid back islands ideal for all manner of relaxation, including partying, scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Once on the island, rent a bike so that you can easily move around the white sandy beaches and enjoy the peace and tranquility that resides in that place. There are regular boat trips between the islands and this makes public transport convenient, thus giving you more versatility in getting the most the three islands have to offer you.

Expect to embrace the mopeds

Mopeds are the most versatile means of transportation in Bali. They are easily available and they can help you access most of the tourist attractions with a lot of conveniences. But before you rent out your unit, ensure that it has fuel in the tank as some riders are fond of leaving them without any fuel and this may cause you a great deal of inconvenience when you are on your way. Also, be sure to have your helmet on, though most people will not be doing so. Remember, this is for your own safety.

Few really beautiful pictures from one of the most beautiful tropical country of the world- Bali for your pre vacation Bali travel –

Hope these handy travel tips be really helpful to you, we look forward to your experiences.


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