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When we think of India, the first thing that comes to mind is Indian culture. We have grown up around Indian culture and have come to believe that Indian culture is one of the richest in the world. But not everything that is culture or tradition is good, right?

Hence, here is a list of Cultures and Traditions around the world (not just Indian culture) that will leave you horrified!

Cobra Gold

Indian culture
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Cobra Gold is a military exercise in Thailand. 7 countries from all over the world participate in this annual event. Started in 1982, it was mainly to improve cooperation and coordination between US and Thai troops but is now an Asia-Pacific event. What is horrifying about it? The soldiers are subjected to extreme conditions so that they can survive the wilderness and it also includes killing a Cobra and drinking its blood, biting off the heads of chickens, and eating scorpions!

Living With The Dead

Indian Culture

If you think the Indian Culture of tervi and punyatithi is a little too much, then beat this: The Torajan community of Indonesia exhume the bodies of their loved ones to celebrate but not for entertainment but customary- ‘Living with the Dead.’ The dead bodies are cleaned and taken to their homes. After dressing up, the dead bodies parade around the town. Once over, they are again returned to their grave, only to be taken out the next year!


Indian Culture
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If you think Cannibalism is only prevalent in gore and horror films, then think again. Many natives of remote areas eat human flesh. Most of the cannibalistic acts are actually rituals.

Bear Worship

Indian Culture
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Japanese and Russians believe that Bears are the incarnation of Gods. Oddly, they believe that sacrificing these bears will bless mankind. What makes this tradition even more horrifying is the inhuman manner in which these bears are killed.

Finger Amputation
Indian Culture
Source: ScholarBlogs – Emory University

Another horrifying tradition from South-East Asia, mainly Indonesia. Whenever a loved one dies, the tips of the fingers are cut off a symbol of grief and mourning.

Walking on Coal
Indian Culture
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This is not only an Indian culture but rather practiced as a ritual in many parts of the world. Some do it for spiritual reasons, some for display, and in certain traditions, husbands are to walk on coal while carrying their wives for a happy married life.

Indian Culture
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If you are a horror flick fan, then you must already know the trials and tribulations of an exorcism (Psst, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the Exorcist). Thus, the intensive act of performing an exorcism is rather excruciating and in some case, quite horrifying.

Baby Throwing
Indian Culture
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A bizarre Indian culture that exists in Karnataka, wherein the priest throws a baby from a tower and the crowd below has to catch it in a towel. Can you imagine the horrors if a baby is not caught?

Blood Fiestas
Indian Culture
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Blood Fiestas is a ‘sport’ that involves chasing and subsequently stabbing of large animals (in most cases, bulls). Countries that host Blood Fiestas include Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal.

Severing the Tongue
Indian Culture
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If you think the movie Koyla was too extreme, this will leave you cringing. Certain rituals in Asian countries involves the severing the tongue of a young girl after dressing her up. The tip of her tongue is then severed off. And for what? A happy married life! Well, that’s another reason to stay single then!


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