Purest Form Of Hypocrisy, don’t believe me.  Here’s you should know –

If You are singing Aunty ki Ghanti at a flash mob, you’re actually celebrating Misogyny -LOL.   Hundreds of strangers from Internet meet up at Connaught Place, New Delhi to scream- Bol Na Aunty AAU kya

Today, it was a good sunny day on THE BIRTHDAY of socially popular #Modiji and the lunch was extremely cheezy with an ungarliced slice of garlic bread and in the similar lazy manner the news Feed showed up this.

A real mind wrecking and bone crackling news that got me go Numb to my nerves. Like how could this be? Our own very favorite Om prakash Mishra himself put his Grammy Aspiring Song down for nothing! And all the “Sott” lovers are “Sottered” after the news, as there was no way such masterpiece being taken down was okay.


The song “Aunty ki Ghanti” was there on YouTube for a couple years, but it became a global phenomenon only in recent times, after a massive shout out about the song happened and made us all believe in the power of his music.

The song was everything that the world needed for betterment of society; as it has everything what would be a humble middle finger to the Feminazis like us. And that was honestly Bad Ass. As the song was so misogynistic and disrespectful that we almost lost the count of offence and began enjoying it instead.

Because in the world of honest opinion he was the whistleblower of double meanings in the track, for people who love to relieve the very recent YoYo Honey Singh Days. But he was freeing flying out from ground zero already.

The music was no match for anything and anybody from history. And it was blasphemous for a person to criticize it, and this is why a Journalist from The Quint actually got a rape threat. Because isn’t it really cool to do that. This guy is so great that he could easily knock out “DhinchakPooja” on the very first round, because one video and such fandom *extreme eye rolls*.

But maybe it’s not over yet as it seems, just taking down- Aunty ki Ghanti is definatly going to seed morons to vomit few more abusive comments till their hypocrisy aka “purity of thought”-. is satisfied.

But What’ about Aunty ki Ghanti Fame- Omprakash Mishra.  Maybe he is coming back, and maybe he is more sexist than ever. And maybe the world could be a much better place without sarcastic beings like us.


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