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What a controversial week this was.  PM Narendra Modi reshuffles his cabinet for the third time. Sr. Journalist –Gauri Lankesh murdered brutally in her house. Twitter raged on several issues from- Shabbir Rahman Comment to Pahlaj Nijlani for producing Julie 2.  But guess what came back to life from the graveyard of controversies?  It’s  Hrithik Kangana  Serendipity

Internet has been drowning under Kangana Ranaut’s bombarding reveals, since she opened her Pandora box on the Aap ki Adaalat. Where she came out clean from all the past allegation about Hrithik Roshan,  Black Magic, Aditya Pancholi and  Karan Johar- Nepotism issue. She flaunted her winning colors like an ultimate badass.

After Aap Ki Adaalat, she gave back to back explosive interview’s in one week that brought her Hrithik angle back to limelight.  This Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani is again in news and media is feeding upon it.

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Hrithik – Kangana Controversy get uglier with these Revels

Everyone has an opinion on recent Hrithik Kangana fumes. Even our tinsel world reached social media to express their vigor – some calls it a publicity stunt, few gives her suggestion for backing up, few comes to support Hrithik and vice-versa while our social media adorns memes. Here are few statements on the issue that is extremely buzzed and continuously reverted. 

 Sona Mahapatra- 

 slams kangana for washing her dirty laundry in public and a pre-release PR stunt , on this she might have some supporters in B-town but it generated a long thread of  fans mocking her for her comment on FB . Here’s few- 

the list is too long and raged to different level. Same happened with Farah Khana who reacted on the Hrithik Kangana controversy and suggested Kangana Ranaut not to play women’ Victim card. But  later she appeared on an interview with Indian Express and clarified her statement. 

Look Who Joins The Game!

Even the divorced  ex-wife- who was alleged for asking high alimony, Sussanne Khan- came in support for her ex-husband with sharing this picture on her Instagram with the following comment. 

Not only B’town, even some publications have a problem too of Kangana reopening about her controversy, one of a leading daily has a n article with the heading-

Why Kangana Ranaut should stick to talking about films in place of Hrithik Roshan”.


the Queue is long for the publications as well, we have another who writes with a heading-  

Publicity stunt: Kangana Ranaut reopens Hrithik Roshan saga just days before Simran’s release, demands Hrithik’s apology.

 With all these storming twitter seems to be saturated with the issue and has started adorning memes, but thank got commoners go deep into the issue and not on publications or celebs they have their own way of judgement and that is evident in @SonaMahapatra case. 

Here are few hilarious memes on the Hrithik Kangana saga- 

The war has began after Kangana calling Hrithik “a silly ex” and Hrithik indirectly states he would date the pope  rather than her. 

And  this has just begun. We have more to witness, le’ see where the Hrithik Kangana fight reaches and ends. 

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