Social media addiction is something that has been shot up in a very small span of time. The smartphone era has made us all addicted to the little devices in our hand. Undoubtedly excess of social media in use can cause the negative effect on an individual as a person. Needless to say, humanity died a shameful death as something like this happened quite recently.

In a bizarre incident, a man allegedly killed his “social media addicted “wife after she forgets to cook food for him.

A resident of Kolkata, Surajit Pal killed his wife, Tumpa Pal in the rage of anger over her addiction. As per police, Surajit has confessed his crime of killing his 36-year-old wife over a suspicion that she was having an extramarital affair with someone, given the time she spent on the phone.

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The incident happened when Surajit came home from his work and found his wife engrossed with her phone. She was so engrossed that she even had forgotten to cook the food. He threatened her with the knife but unfazed, she continued to fiddle through her phone. After which an argument ensued between them. Following this, Surajit hit the chopper on her head several times and strangulated her with a towel to death.

Pal had even tried to kill himself by slashing his wrist after realizing what crime he had committed. Unable to do so, he later put a bandage on his wound and tried to flee the city when he was arrested.

The couple has 2 sons. One, a college student was the first one to discover her mother’s dead body after returning from college.

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Neighbours also confirmed that the couple often fights very bitterly over her addiction to Facebook and WhatsApp. Surajit often suspected that she was involved with some other man but after investigation, it was found out that Surajit was involved with the unmarried sister of his wife.

Surajit Pal was arrested and produced in the lower court and then sent to the police custody.


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