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Moles! Does it really say anything about your future? Almost every human is born with some mole or some unique identification mark on his / her body.  Some people believe astrology based on the moles of the human body

Moles are often labeled as ‘til’ in Hindu astrology; the presence and positioning of mole hold a very significant importance in one’s life. Did you know that mole on your body actually depicts the success and failure of your future life? The size, shape, depth, brightness of the mole also influence the readings and conclusions.

As per the Vedic interpretations, if you have a mole in any of these areas of your body, then this is what happens in your life:

Right Cheek

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If you have a small but dark and sharp mole on the right cheek of your face then you will become extensively rich after your marriage.

Above Lips

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People who are born with a mole just above their lips tend to enjoy wealthy life at an early age in comparison to their peer group. They are bit stubborn and this is the reason their run to success is fast and without any hurdles.



If the person has a mole on the nose or slightly on any side of the nose that person definitely enjoy the wealthy life but a little bit late most probably in their early 30s. That person will taste success, wealth and travel the world.

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People who have a mole on their sole travels a lot. However, their travel might be limited to domestic only. For vacation purposes or for office work they can travel abroad as well.


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If you are lucky, then you might have a mole on any side of your waist indicating wealth as well as prosperity.

Third Eye

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You will enjoy a very well settled life and a traveling pursuit if you are born with a mole in the center of the third eye area. You will always have more than sufficient wealth around you.

Right Palm
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If you have a mole on the upper half of your palm, then you will taste the wealthy and successful life at a very early age. But if the mole is in the lower half, then you will have to struggle a bit but will get the success for sure.

On Chin
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If people are born with a mole on their chin then they are very lucky wealth wise but they are not at all sociable.

Below Navel

Richie Rich is the word for people born with a mole right below the navel. They are extensively rich and their expenditure is mostly on the food they crave.

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If a person is born with a mole on the right side of the chest then his or her life would be peaceful and will have sufficient wealth.

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A person born with a mole in the area where cheeks and ear meet then there are chances of getting wealthy at a very early age.

Little Finger
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A mole present on either side of the little finger be it right hand or left one, that person is bound to travel abroad throughout their lives.

Did any of the points become true to you? Share with us in the comment section below.


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