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Gravity is Strange! Isn’t it ?

It holds us firmly on ground; It gives us weight. Gravity, let us stand upright while our Earth is in rotation on its axis.  It’s effectively influences various phenomena’s on earth but Gravity still continues to puzzle scientists with its strange behavior.

The mysterious gravity continues to vary its nature and behavior on certain spaces, and flabbergast humans. There are several bizarre places on earth that continues to baffle us with its unexplained mysterious properties. And to your surprise, we have brought these 6 mysterious places with no gravity on Earth.

Mystery Spot, Santacruz- California

,mystery spot, santacruz

It fascinating to walk inside the Mystery spot to witness bizarre things like leaning past your toes, watching water flows upward and trees that have branches growing only in one direction. The gravitational anomaly within a circular area of 46 meters of diameters still continues to perplex people. It is set to top our list of 6 mysterious places with no gravity.

Cosmos Mystery Area, Rapid City- South Dakota

no gravity, mysterious
cosmos mystery spot

It’s official website describes it to be a world where mystery, science and comedy collides and baffles visitors to try out experiments by their own. It is defiantly listed in the mysterious place with no gravity. 

St Ignace Mystery Spot, St Ignace-Michigan



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As per narratives, in 1950s, surveyors found that their equipment wasn’t working or weirdly behaving in an area of 300 diameters. The strange part was their equipment were properly working outside the area.  Over a period of it’s discovery it has became a major tourist destination.

People come to witness, the thrill of anti-gravity defying demonstration. The place negates thumb rules of physics as the ball rolls uphill and people lean over past their toes without tumbling over.

Oregon Vortex – Gold Hill, Oregon

Since 1930’s, it has become a major tourist attraction due to its strange phenomenon’s such as sticks appears to stand by its own. One of the spot in Oregon Vortex has become the major attraction, where people height seems to change based on where they are standing. The guides of this mysterious place claims it happens due to varied forces that change body’s molecular structure while they are there. “huh”- defiantly to enter out list of mysterious places with no gravity on Earth.

Magnetic Hills, Ladakh- India

Ladakh is more than its serene nature and silent mountains. It has its own adventures and cultural diversity. The magnificent cold deserts of India has been among favorite destinations of adventurers and roadsters and a place to Ladakh, named Magnetic Hills continues to takes grab attention of people passing by.

People say the car seems rolling uphill while the ignition is off or gears are set to neutral. Few negates any typographical anomaly and coins it to be an optical illusion but then the phenomena has been accepted by surveyors and that made us list this spot into our list of 6 mysterious places with No gravity on Earth. 

Magnetic Hills, Black Rock- Australia

magnetic hills, mysterious


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If you are driving in southern part of Perbourough and comes across these large red magnet sculptures with rusty bicycle stuck to it on the side of road, than buddy you are in Magnetic Hills of South Australia. The road will zoom you to small chains of hills and you expect to set the gear on higher levels. But certainly some strange gravitational anomalies will let your car roll uphill while you put the car in neutral.

So these were the top 6 mysterious places with no gravity on Earth, do comment your experiences if you have been to any of these places or have some more to add to this list.


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