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Virat Kohli, who is one of best batsmen in the world, turned 29 on November 5.

On his birthday, we’d like to explore more about the incredible Virat Kohli. The captain of the Indian cricket team has broken several world records in cricket. Let’s see his journey from childhood to the legend that he is now. 

Exploring The Incredible Virat Kohli

Virat As A Child

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Born on November 5, 1988, to a lawyer father and a homemaker mother, he was the third child of his parents. At the young age of 3, the mischievous Kohli picked up a bat and would often ask his father to bowl for him. When he turned 9, he was one of the first to join West Delhi Cricket Academy. His father, upon suggestions by neighbors who were getting tired of Virat breaking their windows while playing cricket, admitted him into the academy. Since childhood, it was apparent to Virat’s mentors that he has natural talent. He was so passionate about cricket that he wouldn’t want to go home. His coaches would often have to drag him to his home.

Loss Of His Father

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In 2006, Virat’s bed-ridden father died due to a stroke. The demise had a devastating impact on him because his father was his biggest supporter. Believing in the show must go on, Virat went to play a State match when his father’s dead body was still in his house. 

Virat, The Hardworking Student

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Source- The Hindu

Virat’s coach for the India Under-19 tournament Lalchand Rajput said, ” Kohli showed strong technical skills against both pace and spin”. His school teachers describe him as a hardworking and diligent student. His first cricket coach, Rajkumar Sharma said that from childhood Virat was a talented and gifted cricketer. In the under 15 cricket category, Virat scored his first double hundred.  

Virat Kohli, The Captain

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Source- Hindustan Times

The cricket prodigy became the Captain of the Indian Cricket team in 2014. After becoming the captain, Virat scored a century in ten out of 29 test cricket matches. As a captain, Virat scored a total of 2560 runs in 29 matches, averaging at about 88.2. Virat has also won the most matches as a captain in India. 

Virat And Anushka

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Source- The Indian Express

Virat tends to keep his relationship private but the media has been chasing them with speculations. In 2013, Virat Kohli began dating the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Anushka has accompanied him at various cricket matches. It is reported that Virat took a flight to Udaipur to celebrate Anushka’s birthday. A number of online trolls and bullies blamed Anushka for the poor performance of Virat. 

Virat as the popular king of social media

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Source- Times Of India

Virat Kohli is extremely popular on social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He is quite active on Instagram and Twitter and he constantly updates selfies and workout photos. He has 16.6 million followers on Instagram.

Virat Kohli in Breakfast With Champions

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After a long wait, Virat’s version of Breakfast With Champions has been released. In the 40 minutes long video, Virat talked about his lady luck Anushka, cricket, and his love for food.

While talking about his love for Punjabi pop music, he defined patola as “a good-looking Punjabi woman in a suit.” 

While trolling fellow cricketer Hardik Pandya, Virat said, “Only Punjabi songs play in the dressing room. Not many people carry their iPods. Hardik Pandya has one. All the songs in it are English. He doesn’t know more than five words in any of them. He just wants the beat and all he does is move around. We get irritated by his songs. The atmosphere has to be lively, yaar.”

He also mentioned a hilarious conversation he had with Shikhar Dhawan. He said that Shikhar Dhawan, owing to his poor English couldn’t understand the phrase “getting into one’s good books and misinterpreted it as “getting into notebooks.”

After dissing his fellow mates, he turned the tables on himself and started making fun of his bowling. Upon being asked what that bowling action was, he replied, “I don’t know yaar! I used to think I was a deceptive bowler but God has given me such a terrible action. Even if I bowl spin, it will look like that.”

While talking about his body metabolism he said, ” You leave me for four days, I will put on four years of weight.”

All in all, the BWC was full of funny anecdotes and hilarious moments. 

Here are few amazing highlight from Virat Kohli Birthday celebrations- 

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