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Twitter Badly Roasted Shabbir Rahman For His " I Can Be Virat Kohli" Comment

Bangladeshi foremost Batsman got badly mocked by Twitterati over his comment- ” I Can Be Virat Kohli” , and this is what we must say to the trolls! Kudos to your efforts but go ahead read what we have to say to you.

Bangladeshi all rounder Shabbir Rahman is on hype today. Better known for his green eyes, Rahman hit 66 runs in 113 balls with 6 fours and a six. But this is NOT the news.

Well, Shabbir said “I can be like Virat Kohli” ( maybe not all that he said.) But yes, he did indeed.

And twitter lost its cool. Here’s how-

Well, there are more.

Okay, whatever…

And this too….

Well LOL! good work trolls. Did a great job being a troll. Because, this is how you break somebody within.

You know what, my entire life, I saw my brother in a surge to bowl like Malinga. He wasn’t much of a bowler, and prefers being an engineer these days. And I’m glad he did.

Because, pity you if you can think big.

In the country where every colony has its own Sachin, people want to shut a cricketer, for a dream to become Kohli.

Well, the best part is it never came the way it is shown.

Australian spinner Nathan Lyon said,

      “He’s a good player, he reminds me of Virat Kohli,

To which Rahman replied,-
 “I can become a batsman like Virat Kohli, everything is possible …          But
 contributing to the team is more important than being compared to    someone else.      


wolf of wallstreet, Virat kohli, Shabbir RahmanSo, trolls, the guy was not an over confident asshole, but just a believer. And a dream to become lime a role model is definitely not much of stupidity as shutting them down.

Twitter Badly Roasted Shabbir Rahman For His ” I Can Be Virat Kohli” Comment

Well nice trolling Done.

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