Sometimes, even when you are ready for bed or tired, you may find yourself staying up late. This is because during the day we have very little time for ourselves and we can find ourselves trying to e those things done at night before calling it a night.

Bedtime procrastination is failing to go to bed when you are supposed to even when there are no external circumstances preventing this. You just find something to do that will keep you awake.

Bedtime procrastination an also be influenced by active and inactive procrastination traits in a person. If you are an active procrastinator you have the tendency to willingly procrastinate and prefer to work under pressure because that is when you work best. Such people procrastinate bedtime to do other things.

The passive procrastinators, on the other hand, are those that find it difficult to quit what they are doing and most times they fail to complete the tasks they have on time. Such people delay their bedtime via inaction.

If you get little time for yourself throughout the day or if you want to get some personal tasks done before bed, you may find yourself procrastinating your bedtime. Sleep procrastination can also happen when you can’t resist temptations, difficulty in managing your time, and acting as per your intentions of procrastinating your sleep to do something else.

Some of the things that might also be keeping you awake are social media, housework, work, reading, watching TV, or even a need for peace and quiet which often happens at night. It is also very likely that you are a culprit of bed procrastination if you have the habit of going to be at irregular times, or much later than you wanted to, or you become easily distracted when you want to go to bed, and also if you can’t bring yourself to stop what you are doing.

How Sleep Procrastination Affects You and How to Stop It 

sleep diorderBedtime procrastination is related to self-regulation and general procrastinate. Those who procrastinate experience poor health and greater stress than those who don’t. They also tend to engage in healthy good habits like eating vegetables and fruits or any physical activities. They also delay o seek medical treatment when they need it.

For your body to function well, adequate sleep is a necessity. If you keep procrastinating your bedtime then you will get insufficient sleep. This can also lead to difficulties in your mental abilities like clear memory and concentration. It can also lead to physical conditions like hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

You can differentiate bedtime procrastination from general procrastination because it occurs at night only, when you have low self-control, and when you have low mental energy. It is also different from general procrastination because it doesn’t include avoiding to do the tasks you don’t want to do, but it more of refusing to stop what you are doing at that moment. This is why some of the strategies that require cognitive resources or willpower may not help with bedtime procrastination. However, those that don’t require too much effort may work and some of them include:

  1. Know the problem 

You need to find out what is stopping you from going to sleep. You can do this by looking at what you tend to do instead of going to bed. If you identify some of the activities, you can just try and reschedule them earlier than your bedtime.

You also need to evaluate whether you can realistically finish whatever you want to do before your bedtime. If that is not the case. Then you need to alter those expectations and spread out the tasks during the week.

  1. Have a sleep schedule

You need to decide on a regular sleeping time and make sure you remain consistent even during the weekends.  This will allow your body to get used to a schedule and know when its time for bed.

Over time this will also make it easy for you to sleep. Personally figure out which time frame and how many hours of sleep will suit your needs. However, always make sure you give yourself a one hour window period before bed to reduce the pressure on yourself. 

  1. Put the electronic devices away

why people procrastinate, sleeplessness Before your bedtime, place the electronic devices away because the light can affect your sleep cycle. If you work from home, switch off your laptop and keep it away when its time for bedtime.

You also need to switch off the TV if you tend to binge watch shows. Put the phone away as well because you may be distracted by the notifications. You can set a timer o switch of the devices at a particular time.

  1. Develop healthy sleep habits

You need to start focusing on better sleep hygiene. This means that you have to make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet, and comfortable before going to bed. You also need to make sure that your bed is only for sleep.

Keep other activities besides sleeping out of your bedroom or away from your bed. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, or heavy meals two to three hours before the time you are supposed to go sleep. If you have an alcohol addiction you need to make a point of visiting rehab or treatment facilities like Steamboat Springs Addiction Treatment and get the help you need to fight that addiction because it will always affect your sleep.

  1. Unwind

Before bedtime, set up a regular bedtime routine or relaxation tips like listening to soothing music, taking a hot bath, or reading. Such relaxation activities prepare your mind for sleep. It helps lower stresses you may have acquired during the day and also allows you to detach from the activities that tend to stop you from sleeping.

Other activities that may help you relax, is meditation and yoga. You can even restrict yourself to meditation tracks for sleep or yoga for deeper sleep. They are healthy and will allow for deeper and sufficient sleep at the same time.

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