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Satin Textured Eyeshadows

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Satin textured eyeshadow lies somewhere between the matte textured and shimmer textured eyeshadows. The satin finish is true to its name as it produces a very soft, subtle sheen, rather than an intense shimmery effect. The fact is that they are a little bit shinier than the matte eyeshadows yet not nearly as shiny as shimmer eyeshadows. They are just perfect for a simple look for a night out.

Frosted Textured Eyeshadows

eyeshadow basics, makeup, eye makeup, frost texture, eyeshadow palette

Frosted textured shadows are often fun pastel shades and tend to give a pearly effect with a white or silver sparkle. It reminds some of us of the 90’s where silver eyeshadows with white particles gained popularity. You need to learn to use them correctly on your eyes otherwise it will accentuate flaws in the skin like wrinkles or creases.


Warm skin Tone

Pastel tones and nudes complement your skin perfectly. You can also go for corals, oranges and even yellow. When it comes to metallic then reach for gold, copper, and hues of bronze.

Cool Skin Tone

Cooler skin tones look best in cool blues, purple and pink. So go for colors like burgundy, cherry, brick, teal, wines and hot pink. In the metallic family, go for shiny silver and white gold. It will look gorgeous on you.

Neutral Skin tone

If you’re blessed with a neutral skin tone then you can wear pretty much any color your heart desires.

So, girls, these are all the possible eyeshadow basics that you need to keep in mind.


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