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Are you on a roller-coaster of excitement, do you experience those goosebumps while dreaming of your recent crush.  Dude’ you are stuck hard by cupid arrow in your heart – in “LOVE”. Welcome to the fancy world where your desire to flaunt and impress will be never ending effort.

And on top of that’ if you are on for a blind or first date – than one thing is for sure, if your style is ain’t awesome, sadly that everlasting bonds is a far story.  So here, we  have curated the best styling guide under men fashion  to copy and we promise you will be rocking on your day. Follow any of the look to impress the diva, anyways judging her taste- you will be impactful in any. 

 Top 7 Grooming Tips For Men 

Glam Diva- “Patola”

These are chic fashionista –  the trend setter.  They will adorn anything in Vogue, you can have a jaw dropping experience while she say’s a hello. As these are hot babe and talk of their group, you must swag in whatever in craze! You need be a fashion lover and follower to atleast impress then in your first date. Check on the men grooming tips before you head on your date night. 

Style File:- Shop skinny or ripped jeans  like UCB Jeans to match the current men fashion trends for complimenting your Fashionista aspirations. Team it up with slim or skiny t-shirt to flash on some biceps. Team it up with a digital watches and a Louis Philippe Tan shoes.

Boardroom Boss
These are the working females who are hard nut to impress- we swear.  Habituated to follow the best and deal with the best, they require extra effort to be taken on cloud nine. They wont appreciate amateurs and even any kind of grooming mistake could be a turn off for them.  However our styling experts has broken the code to knock off her feet!

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Style File :- Rock in a slim fit suit or match up the comanding look with a contrast white pair of Jack & Jone’s slim fit trouser,  Park Avenue slim fit shirt and slim fit Blackberry Blazer. Spice up the whole look with Red Tape Formal Shoes and Chronograph Watches- shop here.


Dance Floor Chicklet

She looves to sway, thrill & party. Dancing nights on the tunes of Justin B, Kanye West can energize her nerves and you can see their body swaying with beats automatically. On your date with these high energy, fun loving – enthusiastic free souls- never miss to hit your neighborhood club. And make sure to reserve that special table near the floor with top notch music.

Style File- Here’s the complete men fashion guide for those chirpy exciting party nights with your Bae. Catch on with the heat in this Allen Solly Navy blue chinos & body hugging t-shirt. Team it the look with stylish shoes and  googles. 

Bohemian Chick


These are free spirited, radiant girls.  Unpredictable, they can be Childish & eternal at same time. These beauty souls are easy going, whimsical and quirky but love experimenting. Don’t bore them with single color dull traditional outfits- these are a big NO NO to pull on.

Sport in casuals- be funky with your outfit and we promise you will be in their speed dial list. Icing on the cake- just grab on bowling session, take them to a ride or just hit the nearby beach (if you live in a beach city).

Style File:-  loose, summery t-shirts  as per your choices, add on the fun with hunky capris, shorts or 3/4th’s. Get this men fashion look with those casual shoes and trendy shades. 


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